The Great NorthernTrail

Great Northern Trail

The trail covered by this story covers the railway route between the former Queensbury Station, and the former Thornton Station. It is one and a half miles long. Features of the trail are the impressive twenty arched Thornton Viaduct 300 yds long and 120 feet above the valley floor and the Birks Embankment,104 feet high and 900 feet long. 250.000 yards of tipping material was used to create the embankment which was built to span the Birks valley. The passenger line opened in 1878 and closed in 1955 It is illustrated by a series of pictures showing points of interest and pleasant views of the surrounding countryside. Access is gained from the rear of Thornton Primary School opposite the Great Northern Hotel or from the bottom of Station Rd, Queensbury SEE OUR RAILWAYS FEATURE FOR MORE INFORMATION


The Viaduct

trail viaduct

Whiteheads Clayworks and Observatory

Trail Whiteheads



Top of Viaduct

Trail viaduct top


Time for a rest

Trail Rest

This way

Trail This way

Mavis Farm

trail Mavis

Bradford Dale


Cockin Lane Junction

Trail Cockin junction

Birks Embankment


Birks Wood


Embankment Bridge

trail embankment bridge

Thornton From Viaduct

trail thornto from via

Alderscholes Lane



trail bridge


trail foot bridge