Football in Clayton

Photographs of Clayton Football

Clayton A.F.C Bradford and District Senior Cup Winners 1970-71

Courtesy of P Coughlin

footy 7071


J.Hepton-P.Preston-K.Lawson- A.Peel-P.Coughlan-D.Stabb 


Clayton St Johns c 1958

footy downey 

T Verity-M Stead-K Binks-T Crowe-J Farley-R Holland

                 S Illingworth- B Binks

S Downey-G-Russell-G Southwart-Castleton-Cockshott- A Phillips


Clayton Greenside 1912-1913

Thanks to Mike Riley

footy riley


Clayton St Johns c1910

Thanks to Mike Riley

footy riley


Courtesy Mike Riley

footy riley 3



Coronation Match 1953

footy coronation

Back Row _____ A Crow, ___ ___ ___ G Southwart, I Newlands, Rev A Simmons (Vicar), G Moorhouse, ___ ___ ___ J Hainsworth B Nottage, ___ ___ K Binks. Front Row D Tolson,___ R Holland,___ ___ ___ A Philips___

Clayton St Johns c1949




Back Row  J Illingworth (Trainer) M Rowbottom, V Huddlestone, M Stead, R Knott, G Southwart, A Phillips

Front Row  R Holland,  R Tidswell, J Widdop, K Binks, B Roberts


Clayton St Johns Seniors c1950



B Coates (Sec), D Cockshot, M Robinson, C Dunford, C Clarkson, J,Rushton, C Harboard, K, Binks, D, Tolson,
F Widdop M Baguley, F,Haywood.


Clayton St Johns 1960 

foot jaques stead



Clayton St Johns c 1960 Back Row B Jaques ___ M Stead, ___ J Hepton, ___ K Binks Front Row J Hainsworth, G Robinson ___ G Kershaw ___ D Moore, G Russell

Clayton St Johns c1948

 footy rob shar stead



Roberts Sharpe Stead Southwart Knott Huddlestone Heywood Binks Philips Widdop Holland


foot unknown




 footy shutt



Mr Wheatley Peter Smith Hedley Smith David Butler Richard Carter Bev Shutt --- --- Glyn Roberthaw Dobson Robert Stott Tony Walker Alan Charlton Neil Robertshaw

Clayton St Johns 2nd XI c1958

foot 2ndx1





Clayton St Johns c 1950

footy sam



Clayton St Johns c 1960

foot cas verity holl





Alan "Boots" Philips


Player of the Year 1951

Clayton Juniors 1957/58

footy juniors


K Binks A Oldfield A Bytheway W Metcalfe M Watson K Lacey ---- J Rushton J Hainsworth J Holmes B Jacques R Garside G Robinson M Swaine B Kelly J Harvey

Clayton A.F.C

footy peterbro



Clayton St Johns c1960

foot philip gil hepton



---  ---   --- A Philips K Gill J Hepton --- A Peel G Robinson --- Garside

Clayton St Johns v Calverley 1950



 footy calv



Clayton v Wyke Celtic 1956/7

footy wyke


 St Johns Fixtures 1922/23


 footy fixtures



 Winners of the Church of England Football Cup


footy team

Letter From Don Revie To J Harvey (Chair) Clayton St Johns AFC

LEEDS UNITED ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB ELLAND ROAD, LEEDS. MANAGER: D.REVIE. TEL;76037. 5th April 1965 Dear $ir, A Representative from my Club was present on the Delph Recreation Ground yesterday morning when I understand your Committee, showed brilliant understanding and  expert positional play and natural attacking flair positively thrashed.a Bradford Referee’s Representative Team 5 — 0  a no mean feat according to my records. Whilst not wishing to single any one out in particular, my scout did mention a rather portly, bespectacled fullback who, with a couple of stone slimmed off, could make the grade.I understand that his positional play stood out although he was inclined to ‘top’ the ball when kicking — probably on account of the fact that when the ball was at his feet, he could’nt see it. If this lad could gt some weight off, he could go far . I hope he has recovered from his slight ankle knock which I understand he took towards the end  his performance in this respect was masterly  never been bettered at the Old Vic. Another player who impressed was your righthalf  this lad has a good football brain, and his only tendancy was to run with the ball as a few of your spectators (including the Club Captain) were quick to bring to his notice. He also took quite a lot of abuse from your goalkeeper (another portly player) who seemed to spend all the match shouting uncouthed advice at him, but he never turned a hair , what bit he has left. It was noticed, however, in the second half that he was not ‘turning’ very quickly, and one received  (albeit a very slight)  whiff of ‘Ramsdens Best’ every time he staggered past — no doubt the effort was sweating it out. A good lad though, who might also go a long way if he would only pay for his beer on Tuesdays  then he might not drink so much. I advise him to stick to the women and song and leave the wine alone. Indeed the whole half—back line impressed, and it was very much evident that your centrehalf has the makings of a fine player when he gets a few more years on his back. Incidentally, did he get the hard word yesterday? There wasn’t the usual ‘cackle’ which I understand is associated with this player. Perhaps he was playing in a higher standard of football than that to which he is usually accustomed. Your lefthalf played a good solid constructive game hiding his right ‘swinger very efficiently although not receiving 100% support Who was better built for a center half. Have you tried him there? The forward line was quite good, although one dead,leg stood out  a bloke named ‘Robbo’. This lad certainly wants to leave the pop alone. He shows admirable ball control but is not so quick as he used to be due to what looks like the same affliction developing as your fullback. Get some weight off him. What can I say about the rest , you have an admirable poacher  the good looking blonde lad who shows a slight tendancy to run offside, but as I understand you’ve been telling him about it for 25 years, I don’t suppose you can teach an old dog new tricks. He also has a slight impression of a “left swinger”. Your left wing pair were also good — the left winger particularly being very fast over the first two yards. When he grows a bit hetll be very good. His two goals were very well taken. The other tall lad also scored a good goal, and distributed the ball well but sadly flagged towards the end. I hope you will accept my criticisms in the spirit in which they are given as I try to be constructive all the time, but my real reason for writing is to endeavour to arrange a match with my First team on your ground. Although we have a heavy programme culminating with the Cup Final in May, I do feel rm lads would benefit from a game with your Committee. Might I suggest Sunday April 25th if. it is convenient? After a game on your pitch with its pot holes, stones and a dried up sunken river bed my lads should really appreciate Wembley Stadium, it will help to build up their stamina if nothing else. No doubt you will be good enough to discuss this with your Committee at your next meeting and I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Yours faithfully, D. REVIE (MANAGER) LEEDS UNITED ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB.

Clayton St Johns 1951

footy 1951
R Binks K Rowan K Newell I Newlands R Newbould A Varey
A Philips S Illingworth
S Brook R Holland E Collins ---- G Dracup

Clayton St Johns c1951

footy rushton holl






footy 5657 jun

Clayton Juniors 56/57

Holmes   ---   ---   --- Haas Garside

Moore Jaques Robinson Clarke Peel

footy 69

 Committee Team c 1955

football committe

?    G Southwart D Moore ? A Philips A Crowe

?    R Holland  J Widdop  ?  I Hepton