Glenholme and Uppersyke





glenholme window

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Front Door



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Upper Syke

Upper Syke
Upper Syke was built by Joseph Benn, one of three partners of J Benn and Co. the fellow partners being Alfred Wallis of Glenholme and Asa Briggs of Greenside House. The hose was completed in 1888 for Alfred Benn. Joseph Benn resided at 42 Clayton Lane (now number 97)  in 1862 and according to the Census of 1871 at 26 Broadfolds.  He left Clayton about 1881 and lived in a detached mansion in Horton Grange off Legrams Lane. Oakleigh Now a nursing home was the home of Joseph Benn’s son Harrison Benn.  The two houses shared an extensive estate which stretched from Clayton Lane to Reva Syke.  Harrison Benn also built Chrisharben Park which he named after his wife Christine Harrison Benn. J Benn and Co. built the Clayton Mill which has been demolished and is now a housing estate.


upper fire


Fireplace detail

upper fire detail


upper stairs


uooer wood

More woodwork

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