Clayton Scouts

16th Bradford South Clayton Diehards

 Far Off Ventures

                                                     Pisa 1958

scouts pisa

D Moore R Myers A Peel D Leedale G Wright J Hancock S Downey G Benson

J Peel R Leedale C Moore F (Skip) Bicknell Miss J Rhodes Mrs M Bicknell



Clayton Scouts in Broad Folds prior on the long trip to the Isle of Arran in Scotland about 1960

Scouts off to camp


scouts amalfi

Operation Amalfi

scouts pisa

Scout Trip Bradford - Pisa

Downs Coulter Lorry at Dover

 Widdop Gate and Hag Dyke

cubs widdup gate

i                                        Cubs Widdop Gate c1950

 scouts Widdop

Widdop Gate c1950

Whitehead Bicknell V Jaques Mrs Stoney B Jaques

scouts widdup

Cubs at Widdop

Hags 54

Hag Dyke 1954

J Brown C Moore P Greenwood D Leedale Unknown

widduo greenwood

Scouter and friend of many

Lost in the Bradford fire disaster 11th May 1985

scouts widdup 86

Widdop 1986


scouts shipley

Cubs at  Shipley Glen 1944 ( Akela Rene Kershaw)

scouts cubs 

Cubs Day Out c1948

        R Watkins K Gross R Harrison J Hancock H Holdsworth 

           P Mills  P Greenwood ? Heywood

                                   J Brown K Barker S Downey G Penny B Illingworth

                J Farley

C Harwood   ? Butler   K Robinson


scouts party

Milner Downey Leedale Hancock Brown Greenwood Briggs Myers Whitehead ?

Braithwaite Moore Whitham Bradley Benson F D Bicknell Taylor Cooper Wilkinson ? Harwood

? Wright ? Moore Leedale Peel Robison ? Ingham ? Leach

Peel Haas ? Whitham ? Langford ?  ?

Scout Party Christmas c1954

scout party



scouts barmouth


P Greenwood C Moore B Illingworth S Downey R Myers

scouts follifoot

 Follifoot camp Harrogate c1949

scouts follifoot

Follyfoot Harrogate c1949

scouts myrthyr

South Wales c1947

scoutsmyrthyr football

South Wales c1947

scouts wales

J Widdop A Barker J Bennett A Sweet H Green

P Green J Westoby L Hainsworth 

Myrthyr Mawr  c1947


Myrthyr Mawr  c1947

scout  camp

Camp Unknown


L Hainsworth P Green H Green J Bennett

Arncliffe 1947

scouts three

P Green L Hainsworth J Westoby 1947


P Green L Hainsworth F Bicknell D Farley J Westoby H Green

This and That 


scouts 1926

Scouts c 1926

F D Bicknell Front Left


      Swann Briggs Roberts Widdop Hainsworth

Castleton Metcalfe  Fairclough Harrison Southwart Hancock

Horsfall Playing Fields 1947

scouts trophy

scouts hodgson trophy

Hodgeson Trophy


Queens Scout  Certificate


Bassenthwaite 1965

Mrs M Bicknell

scout uniform

Scouts 75th Anniversary


Michael Stoney David (Mouse) Leedale

75th Anniversary


Chris Moore David Billington


David Briggs Unknown Robert Brown Jack Widdop 


scouts coronation 53

Coronation Parade 1953

scouts st george

St Georges Day   ( Jean Brown leading cub pack )

scout st george

St Georges Day 1976

Sr georges

St Georges ( Jean Brown) 

scouts st georges

St Georges Valley Parade

scout St georges

St Georges Skip Bicknell M Stoney 

scouts 49

 St Georges 1979


Three Peaks

R Leedale D Moore  A Peel  G Wright


three peaks news


scout bomb


Hag Dyke  ( Mid  Fifties)

Hag Dyke