FREE KS1 and KS2 Resources


1.  What Animals Live in Surrey Heath? - KS1 and KS2

A downloadable worksheet for pupils to learn about the animals that live in their area.  The children are given the opportunity to explore and compare the differences in what animals eat, their habitats and much more.  Pupils are introduced to the work of local naturalist George Edward Lodge through fun challenges and games.

Please follow this link to download worksheet PDF - Animal Workshop

Additional game:  The Food Chain

Make a food chain using the arrows and the pictures. Think about what might happen if one of the artefacts is taken out of the chain. If there is time, act out your food chain.

Please follow this link to download the Food Chain Instructions PDF - Food Chain   

Please follow this link to download Food Chain Pictures PDF - Food Chain pictures

2. Art Detectives – Learning to Read Art KS1 and KS2

A whole class ‘discussion and activity’ session allowing pupils can get up close to real works of art, from or related to their local area. This workshop would benefit from hiring the 'Art Detectives' loan box from the museum.

The session looks at different genres of painting, looking at materials, technique, as well as the stories in/behind the paintings and the artists. Pupils are encouraged to form their own opinions and thoughts on the art work.

Please follow this link to download School/ Scouts Session plan PDF - Art Detectives session plan 

3. The Highwayman Experience: Fact or Fiction? KS2

Delve into the world of the notorious highwaymen of 17th & 18th century Bagshot Heath, though historical facts, stories, roleplay and museum artefacts. Gain an understanding of the difference between fact and opinion, and discover how legends are made. (Requires hiring the Highwayman loans box from the museum) 

Please contact the museum for more details. 

 4. WWII: Our Home Front. KS2

This session looks at what was happening to the people living in Britain throughout WWII.  Through the use of real museum artefacts and dressing up, the class learns about different gas masks, evacuees and the roles taken on by volunteers, and particularly women, in the Civil Defence Unit. (Requires hiring the Home Front loans box from the museum)

Please follow this link to download World War Session plan  PDF - World war session plan

5.  Camberley in the 1960's Workshop

The aim of the workshop to give an overview of what it was like to live in the 1960s through objects (when hiring 1960 Loans box) and photographs.   PDF presentation and script are available to download.

Please follow this link to download School/ Scouts Presentation - 1960 Presentation   

Please follow this link to download Information for teachers - Information on Presentation 1960s

6.  Shopping in the past Worksheet

For nearly as long as people have been on this planet they have been sharing, swapping and trading things.  This worksheet looks briefly at the history of shopping and the focuses on shopping at the turn of the 1900's.  

Please follow this link to download the worksheet PDF - Shopping in the Past

7.  Victorian Washday Worksheet

 A Jigsaw Workshop for groups/schools looking at who the Victorians were and the drudgery of washing before electicity.

Please follow this link to download workshop PDF - Victorian Washday Workshop