Primary Schools Workshop Programme

Workshops are available in school, at the museum or virtual.

Surrey Heath Museum school workshops are based on the National Curriculum covering history from the terrifying age of the Highwayman to the current local democracy, as well as cross-curricular topics.

We offer interactive and informative workshops for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils and can adapt works shops for Early Years and Foundation on request.

All our sessions are delivered by experienced learning staff and include special opportunities for pupils to handle real museum artefacts from our collections

Each workshop is for a maximum of 32 pupils, unless otherwise stated. Each workshop has its own risk assessment which can be downloaded in PDF form. Please follow this link to download our risk assessment -  Risk Assessment

LOCAL DEMOCRACY -  The Local Democracy Experience (90 mins)


This 90 minute activity based session introduces pupils to the workings of their local democracy through meeting the Mayor, debating in the Council Chamber, and taking part in their very own vote using real voting booths. Plus the chance to learn about the history of Surrey Heath Borough Council through an illustrated talk and art activity.

Pre session activities will be emailed to the class teacher so that pupils are prepared for the mock council debate on the day.

  • Pupils take part in a mock council debate in the Council Chamber hosted by the Mayor of Surrey Heath
  • Pupils then learn about the process of civil voting and take part in their own vote using real voting booths
  • Pupils are introduced to the history of the council and the history of democracy

Local Democracy Council Chamber

Image: School children in the Council Chamber


Only an in-house session available

A 90 minute activity based session that teaches pupils how to use historic evidence, such as objects, maps and photographs, to learn about the past of their local area. It encourages pupils to ask and answer questions in order to discover things about the past, and use their observation skills to investigate the changes that have happened in the area they live.

Rate Book

Image: Rate book (a book containing the valuations of properties for local taxation)

THE HIGHWAYMAN EXPERIENCE: Fact or Fiction? (90 mins)

Delve into the world of the notorious highwaymen of 17th & 18th century Bagshot Heath, though historical facts, stories, roleplay and museum artefacts. Gain an understanding of the difference between fact and opinion, and discover how legends are made. Plus walk away with writing stimulus for further work back at school.

Highwayman Schools

 Image: School girl dressed as a Highwayman

WAR TIME! Workshop (90 mins)

This 90 minute session looks at what was happening to the British people living throughout World Wars I and II–both on the front line and back in Blighty.Through the use of real museum artefacts and dressing up, the class learns about the cause of both Wars, what it was like to be a soldier, what rationing was like, the evacuee process, the Home Front and women in war time and much more.

We link this workshop with the Surrey Heath Military Remnants map.The class then split into six groups and rotate around activities which encourage them to think about the affects war had on peoplecovering rationing, the air raid siren, the stirrup pump, what an evacuee would take and much more. Each activity uses real or replica object to keep it simulating and interactive.


Virtual sessions are £30 per workshop. In the Museum £30 per class or we can come to you £45 per class. Sessions held at the Museum include a FREE ‘Explore the Museum’ activity