The Museum’s loan boxes stimulate curiosity and provide a hands-on approach to learning.

Our range of loans boxes cover different themes but they all typically include objects from our handling/ education collection, photographs and some have ideas for creating bespoke activities.

We have loan boxes that can be hired by schools and care homes for £10 per box for a two week period.

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                                1940's                                                                                                      Everyday Life

Everyday Life Box Artefacts

1940's Loan Box - Step back in time with our 1940's                                                   Everyday Life - This box represents the average 

artefacts to a time when smoking was advised by doctors,                                           household in Britian between the 1940's / 1960's.

the best china was brought out for Sunday dinner and                                                 When looking at these artefacts, its good to think  

it was still Wartime.                                                                                                        about the advances we have made - especially in 

                                                                                                                                       toilet paper! 


                                Shopping                                                                                                      School

School days Loan Box Artefacts

Shopping Loan Box Artefacts

Shopping Loan Box - This box looks at how we used                                                 School Days Loan Box -  Discover what children

to shop.  Adverts, invoice and coins of the past!                                                            used to help their learning journey. Playtime was

Memories of Green Shield Stamps, Half Crowns and                                                    fun time with marbles, Jacks and skipping - 

ration coupons will come flooding back!                                                                         No Tech in this box!     


                         Vintage Chemist                                                                                               Looking Good!!

Variety of vintage chemist products            Vintage objects for looking good








 Vintage Chemist Loans Box -  Step back to an era                                                     Looking Good!! Loans Box - See yourself how

when a person could purchase poison in a chemist,                                                       the ladies of the 50's and 60's made themselves

when one had leave of soap to wash your hands and                                                     ready for the dance halls, curled their hair with red

smelling salts magically woke you up!                                                                             hot tongs and used plastic bags to cover their curls!