Primary Schools Workshop Programme.

Workshops are available in school, at the museum or virtual.

Surrey Heath Museum school workshops are based on the National Curriculum covering history from the terrifying age of the Highwayman to the current local democracy, as well as cross-curricular topics.

We offer interactive and informative workshops for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils and can adapt works shops for Early Years and Foundation on request.

All our sessions are delivered by experienced learning staff and include special opportunities for pupils to handle real museum artefacts from our collections

Each workshop is for a maximum of 32 pupils, unless otherwise stated. Please following this link to download our Risk Assessment - Risk Assessment PDF

1. OLD TOYS - What toys did people play with in the past? (60 Mins)

This 60 minute informative and interactive session looks at the types of toys children in the past played with; from the Victorian era all the way up to the 1980s. In addition it investigates the different materials used to make old toys and why different materials were used in different eras.

The first part is an interactive presentation using images and real museum objects to teach the class about different toys and materials of different eras. The second part lets them use the information they have learn through four hands-on activities.

  • What does it feel like?
  • What materials are they made from?
  • Who would have played with what?
  • Have a go yourself

Pupils not only get to see and handle real and replica toys from the Victorian and Edwardian periods, and periods from ‘within living memory’, but also get the chance to have a go themselves, and compare old toys to their own toys at home.


 Children object handling

 Image: School children studying an old bottle


2. VICTORIAN WASH DAY - How was washing done before electricity? (60 Mins)

This 60 minute all class interactive session looks at what life was like for women doing the household washing before the invention of electricity made things easier.

The class is led through the drudgery of a typical wash day for a Victorian mother using real museum objects and individual participation.

Pupils are encouraged to compare their lives today with that of people in the past, looking at the differences in fashion, heating, electricity, women’s roles and of course the washing process.


Image: Artefacts used in Victorian Washday Workshop 


3. DINO DIG - What is a Fossil? Workshop

A 60 minute interactive session looks at how fossils are made and looking at different types of fossils from casts to molds.  We look at real fossils and a giant fossil footprint. 

The first part of the session is a presentation using images and real museum objects to teach the class about fossils and the second part lets them use the information they have learnt in making their own 'fossil', how to identify different types and how to dig for fossils.

Pupils not only get to see and handle real fossils, but they also get the chance to have a go themselves and dig for fossils like a real Archealogist.

Dinosaur Foot Print

Image: Dinosaur foot print fossil 

4.  The HighwayRAT

'Give me your buns and your biscuits! Give me your chocolate eclairs! For I am the Rat of the Highway, and the Rat Thief never shares!' Learn about Surrey Heath Highwaymen in relation to the 'The Highway Rat' book by Julia Donaldson. What is fact and what is fiction and how to disinguish between them. A fun and interactive workshop with dressing up, role play and learning about the real Highwaymen of the Heath!

Copywrite: Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer 2011.  Courtesy of Magic Light Pictures Ltd.  Copywrite: Organge EYes Ltd 2017 and Scholastic Children's Books.  


 Virtual presentations are £30 per workshop.  In the Museum £30 per class or we can come to you £45 per class. Sessions held at the Museum include a FREE ‘Explore the Museum’ activity