Surrey Heath Museum & Heritage Foundation  - Charity Commission Number - 1188827

The Foundation was created on 31st March 2020 with representatives from each of the societies below. They exist to  advance the education of the public in Surrey Heath and the surrounding area by maintaining a Museum, to serve as a source of historical information about the Surrey Heath area, in particular, but not exclusively, by; 

(1) the provision and maintenance of a Museum of Surrey Heath (including providing and maintaining a display area for Surrey Heath’s local archaeology, history, natural history and art work)

(2) supporting the Museum’s collections, out-reach and research services and storing donated local heritage

(3) encouraging public talks and the writing and publication of historical research relating to the heritage and culture of Surrey Heath

(4) encouraging, supporting and promoting the activities of local archaeological, historical (including natural history), art and photography societies.

The Current Trustees of the Foundation are - Bernard Baverstock, Mike HIllman and Phil Stevens.


Friends of Surrey Heath Museum

The Friends of Surrey Heath Museum  existed for 20 years (1987 to 2017) running a programme of trips and lectures to raise funds for the  purchase and conservation of art works in our collection, e.g. funding the purchase of our collection of  Percy Harland Fisher paintings and the conservation of our George Kenner collection.  They also supported different museum projects -   the accessibility of our Ron Francis collection, contributed towards printing costs of our  Military Remnants Map and funds will be supporting the purchase of microfilm files of Camberley News (1914 to 1925).


Camberley Natural History Society

Camberley Natural History Society was founded in 6th March 1946 by Maxwell Knight, naturalist and broadcaster,  Field Marshall Viscount Alan Brooke, George Edward Lodge and Brian Vesey Fitzgerald. ‘The Society exists to study of Natural History in its broadest aspects. The Society may promote lectures, nature films, field expeditions etc. at the appropriate seasons of the year, and noties of these will be circulated from time to time. Practical field work of a constructive nature willbe encouraged”.  

Surrey Heath Museum's natural history collection was partially donated by the society. 


Windlesham & Camberly Camera Club

Windlesham Camera Club was founded by John Hayward in 1935 to form an association of fellow photography enthusiasts. It has since expanded to include Camberley, the club runs lectures and practical sessions for their members and produce regular newsletters,  full of useful photographic information and  events.


Surrey Heath Museum Action Group (SHMAG) -

SHMAG was set up in 2008 with two aims,  to prevent the feared closure of the Museum and expand Museum facilities by providing greater display areas (including art, photography and archaeology), research facilities, and increasing local involvement. In Aug 2009,  SHMAG established a Heritage Gallery in the town centre, staffed by volunteers with displays created by  local socieites; they moved premises 4 times in 8 years and when opened,  attracted c.6,000 visitors annually.