Primary Schools Workshop Programme

Surrey Heath Museum school workshops are based on the National Curriculum covering history from the terrifying age of the Highwayman to current local democracy, as well as cross-curricular topics.

We offer interactive and informative workshops for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils and can adapt works shops for Early Years and Foundation on request.

All our sessions are delivered by experienced learning staff and include special opportunities for pupils to handle real museum artefacts from our collections.

Each workshop is for a maximum of 32 pupils, unless otherwise stated. Each workshop has its own risk assessment which can be downloaded in PDF form. Please following the following link to download ourrisk assessment -  Risk Assessment

 1. Local Heroes – Who am I? (60 minutes) KS1 and KS2

Samuel Cody OR Ethel Smyth

  Samuel Cody       Ethel Symth

Image: Samuel Cody        Image: Ethel Symth

A 60 minute object handling and drama based session that teaches pupils how to use artefacts, such as objects and photographs, to learn about the life of a famous local person. Pupils are encouraged to ask and answer questions and use observation, reasoning and deduction skills, in order to discover things which will ultimately allow them to determine who the mystery person is. They then look at the life of the mystery person through storytelling and miming, using the objects they have just investigated to tell the tale.

This session fits well as an introduction to your topic, or as an ending to it.


2.  1880’s – The life of a Domestic Servant for Mrs Raleigh Knight (Museum workshop only) 

Mrs Raleigh Knight, the wife of Charles Raleigh Knight, the property developer of Camberley is looking to hire domestic staff.

Your class will become the applicants. Learn about Victorian inventions, what it was like to be a servant and so much more in this fully interactive workshop.

  • Dressing up and look at period costume
  • Comparing yourselves with children in the past
  • Object handling
  • Learning about life in the past (‘in living memory’)
  • Investigate Victorian Inventions


Mr Charles Raleigh Knight and wife

Image: Charles Raleigh Knight and his wife

 3. How did we used to shop? (Museum Workshop Only)

An interactive workshop looking in the the wonderful world of shopping.  Examining shops of Camberley past and why shops arrived in the area. 

This exciting workshop involves object handling, problem solving and role play/dressing up.


 Virtual sessions are £30 per workshop.  In the Museum £30 per class or we can come to you £45 per class. Sessions held at the Museum include a FREE ‘Explore the Museum’ activity