Our Collections

Our Collections

Surrey Heath Museum is a local museum telling the stories of the area’s past. Our collection includes material from the Stone Age, Roman period, Medieval and Tudor/Stuart  times through to the  industrial revolution of the late 1700s, Victorian, Edwardian and Twentieth Century.  The Museum opened in the 1930s with the original collection donated by the first curator,  George Poulter.  The Museum holds local history, art and archive collections including;


Percy Harland Fisher, artist (1865-1944) - click to follow link

George Kenner, artist (1888-1971) - click to follow link

George Edward Lodge, artist and naturalist  (1860-1954)   - click to follow link

Robert Tucker Pain, photographer (1835-1885)

Ron Francis, photographer (1922 to 2010) - click to follow link

Edward Mendell, photographer (1920 to 2007) - click to follow link

Briant and Harold Poulter, architectural drawings  (c.1870 to c.1974) - click to follow link

West End History Society, archive

Alf Tarry, historian and archive

Camberley Natural History Society, objects and archive


The museum has over 100,000 objects - large and small covering over 20 centuries of Surrey Heath's history.  Links to our collections online can be accessed via our page on the Surrey Heath Borough Council website page - www.surreyheath.gov.uk/visitors/surrey-heath-museum - click to follow link.


Detail_of_Fellow_Green_Farmyard.jpg  Image - Farm Scene in Frimley, early 1900s