Kingfisher Ist April on the Crane.




Clouds    c.Sammi Macqueen 2019

Cloud faces passing before my eyes

Angels and demons in the endless skies

Sweet nature images soothe my soul and

Dreams of far away places 

Call me home


Light Pollution   c. Geoff Francis 2019

every day held in it
the possibility of rebirth
from the darkness
of the night
But a ceaseless
Light in that night
was Cheating the birds
Of sleep
demanding they sacrifice
their precious voice
to a constant daylight
robbing them of Nature’s plan



The Bat and The Kingfisher c.U.Runde 2017


The Bat and The Kingfisher fled to sea in a beautiful nut-brown boat

They took a fox and a duck, a robin for luck, and a wren and a hedgehog too.

The Bat looked up to the stars above and sang to a small guitar:

"Oh Kingfisher, Kingfisher! What shall we do?

We cannot stay where we are, where we are, where we are

We cannot stay where we are.


The Kingfisher said to The Bat, "Don't Fret".  There must be a place we can go.

A place safe and free for you and for me."  "For us all said The Fox and I know

where to find it, there's a river behind it, lined with trees and with meadows, Let's Row!"

So they rowed away for a year and a day to the land where the River Crane flows

Where it flows, where it flows. To the land where the River Crane flows.


When they came to the Thames they saw on its banks big houses and motorways too.

"oh Fox!"  they all cried, "this doesn't look right!"  "Be patient and we will pull through"

And they kept rowing without ever slowing till they found where they wanted to be.

And drinking champagne with the Folks of the Crane

They knew they were safe now and free, and free and free.


(c.Ula Runde 2017)