We will be adding links to this page which have ecology information from websites that offer expert advice and knowledge on the actual River Crane Sanctuary area and on wider ecological issues which affect biodiversity, connectivity, pollution and more.

Groups already in this area have done so much to protect and promote sustainability along the River Crane Corridor and our amazing green Borough. We are passionate amateurs and will defer to their expertise. 

Please join in the RSPB and partake in the Annual Garden Bird watch and Butterfly Count to register the diversity and numbers; especially if you live adjacent to the River Crane Sanctuary area.

More links coming to sites and videos on ecology. Meanwhile check out Sir David Attenborough's many films and offerings, Our local Hero!  

 Click here to identy butterflies and Moths  

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The Main Groups working in this area are below:

Friends of the River Crane Environment  FORCE

London Wildlife Trust  LWT

South West London Environment Network   SWLEN

Photographs on the flickr album: River Crane Sanctuary Walk and this website are by Iain Macqueen and Sammi Macqueen

bird with a berry damiselle fly butterflyFishbird in a treebee swarm     Dunnock 




            Is it a frog? - Mushroom Magic                      Fungi in the Sanctuary


             comma butterfly                     red admiral