Our playlist includes beautiful nature scenes and words of inspiration and hope for our better nature to shine forth.  Not Me and Mine but for the benefit of all sentient beings and to safeguard our natural world for future generations. There are four videos of bats flying over the potential build sites filmed Sept.2017

1.Big yellow Taxi - Amy's version of the Classic Joni Mitchell prophetic song. "They paved Paradise" " Took all the Trees put them in a Tree Museum" or cut them down before their planning application?

2.Before the Deluge -Jackson Browne. "Let the buildings keep our children dry" Yes we need buildings but in a Flood Zone?

3.For Free - Emily Maguire - "I know there's something sacred in all the living things I see"  Just beautiful.

4.River Man - Nick Drake - In memory of Betty Hopkins (Crane Community Centre and Lincoln Avenue Neighbourhood newsletter) . I introduced our dear neighbour Fred to her friday lunches for company and a warm meal when he was lonely...he was in his nineties...Betty in her eighties! Many of us used the Hall when it was a prefab in the long grass (now Trafalgar Playing Field) and then the new log building in Trafalgar School Grounds.  We spent rainy and sunny evenings after yoga class watching the wildlife and enjoying the tranquility of the green,open space and friendships made are continuing today.  That is what community is all about.

5.Kite - Patti Griffin - "We need a little light down here"  "A little diamond coloured blue"   

6.Crosby Stills and Nash - Teach Your children well - "You who are on the road must have a code that you can live by"  We have a duty to future generations to safeguard the natural world, our little blue planet, or what is left of it

 7. Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World - Yes, if we take action. It is our business. We must get involved for the sake of nature and future generations.

 8,9,10,11 Bats flying in The Sanctuary

12.Imagine - John Lennon + Yoko Ono  "No need for Hunger or Greed"  "You may say I'm a Dreamer. But I'm not the only one"  Am I?

13.River Crane Sanctuary song - Iain + Sammi Macqueen

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