Welcome and do make contact and join us in person.   We have a group of River Crane Sanctuary supporters who help with campaigns when they can and there is no pressure to participate when life gets busy for you!  Just come along to walks and other events when you are free and comment on planning applications we highlight for your attention.     Sammi and Iain                           

Click here to email us   see us on:  Instagram  and Click below to read about our Patron Yvonne Minton on Wikipedia and David Lindo on his website:

 We are happy to announce our very own ‘Song Bird’ Patron:Yvonne Minton CBE Hon. RAM Opera Singer

Yvonne has supported wildlife charities for decades and in particular the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare and the RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. More recently she was moved to support  SPANA when they sent out an SOS for the Bile Bears atrocity.  Read her introduction and Patronage acceptance below

 "I was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up with the bird sounds of some very exotic, loud and colourful birds including the iconic Kookaburra.  He begins with a chuckle which in turn crescendos into a loud laugh at the start and end of each day. I remember my initiation to bird sounds in the UK was the Dawn Chorus and being amazed that so many small birds could produce such a volume of sound.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sing in many wonderful Opera Houses the world over and still consider that Covent Garden was my Home House and am very proud to have been a member of that company. These days my interests are Yoga and feeding the wild birds in my back garden."

  “The River Crane Corridor is so important ecologically and needs to be treasured, shared and enjoyed by inhabitants and wildlife alike.  For that reason, I am pleased to be a Patron as I know that Sammi and Iain have treasured this place for many years and attest to their honesty and passion for all Life.”   Yvonne

  Our Patron:Yvonne Minton   

We are so pleased that David replied to our request "I would be honoured to be counted as a Patron." and added the below about his work:

I am a broadcaster, writer, speaker, educator and bird tour leader. My mission is to engage city folk around the world with the environment through the medium of birds.

Check out his website: Theurbanbirderworld.com



   supporter walk and talk  








                                                      moorhen on river crane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Useful Numbers to report problems in the Sanctuary .

Richmond council: 0208 891 1411 switchboard. or try Crane Park management of site: 08456122660

Twickenham Fire Brigade: 0208 555 1200 x 84741 or 999 if excessive Smoke/Fire disturbs your enjoyment of the park.

Twickenham West Ward Community Police: 0208 247 7055

nb.  Let us know if you cannot get through or numbers changed when you ring so we can update here.


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