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Kingfishers, a variety of bats and other important species, have found sanctuary for centuries in the wild spaces next to the River Crane.  Although these spaces are designated Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), this does not provide complete certainty against development and/or encroachment and pollution which could threaten this important habitat.  We seek to raise awareness of these wonderful wild spaces and their wildlife, to ensure they are cherished and protected for now and future generations. 

Click here to see  Photos and Videos  NB. Our flickr album shows a visual walk of the Sanctuary River Crane Route on Page One.  There are, to date Valentines's Day 2020,  82 pages of photos/videos of all the wildlife and nature seen on our regular walks and in our gardens so do scroll through and see what is here now with the latest photos on the last page of the album or first page of the photostream!  Our News Diary gives weekly reports and information and visit it to see what we are doing and join in when you can or e mail any comments/questions to us on the contacts page.

NEW JULY 2018: Post your photos of this Sanctuary (and wildlife) on our album -  River Crane Sanctuary Walk

 " I am quite happy to support your campaign in a personal capacity – both as a founding Chairman of the Bat Conservation Trust and because of my experience in land conservation in WLT,  (World Land Trust)  and species conservation as Executive Secretary of what is now FFI . (Fauna and Flora International)  Knowing South London well from my early years (and the days when I was researching one of my first books A Naturalist in London (David and Charles (1978), I am very aware that any remaining  ‘wild’ places are of huge importance simply by virtue of their absolute rarity. I wish you well with your endeavours."    John Burton

Recent planning applications for new builds on this precious stretch of the River Crane have galvanised us to raise awareness of this area to gain support for a River Crane Sanctuary. Explore this website to see how you can help us protect and enjoy and share this space with the original owners: The Flora and Fauna. 


     Stop Press Saturday 4th January 2020 Churchview Garages site: Decision going to Committee - Date to be announced.

Previous applications were refused at Planning and Appeal and can be seen here: Appeal Dismissed Churchview Garages Site: Ref.17/2759/FUL  Please see Appeal Officer's report for the report decision : -  The Appeal Officer's report which caused concern with its biodiversity comments and which we have addressed in the objections to the new application. Thanks to SWLEN, Friends of the Earth, FORCE and The Richmond Bat Species Action Plan Steering Group for their expert Objections to this application and all nature lovers who care enough to at least look and make their own views known.  We are presently mounting a robust objection to present to the Committee and invite supporters to join us at the meeting when it is announced.   Read here the Ecology Comments on Churchview site by Dr Sarah Cox

See Photo/audio clips of the Walk along the River Crane Sanctuary by clicking on the Big Logo below.     From Page Two we are showing photos of all the wildlife living/visiting the refused planning application sites which we are raising awareness about here in case of Appeals.  Read The Article in The Archives for more information on the applications ref.17/2759/FUL and 16/2815/OUT

River Crane Sanctuary Walk