21st June 2019

We had a wonderful group get together today for the Sumer Solstice in Crane Park and lunch at the Prince Blucher on Twickenham Green. It is good to be with nature lovers in a community park which nourishes the soul and quietens the mind.  The group gives support to our endeavours to keep established dark spaces and habitats safe from inapproriate development which may harm the delicate eco-structure of the river corridor and the species themselves; hence our objection to the Churchview Garages Site.  Why not join us next time for our informal and friendly gatherings?  See contact page on this website and make contact!


River Crane Sanctuary  September 2018
Tuesday afternoon we strolled down Mill Road and along the River Crane on the ‘Wild side’ towards
Hospital Bridge Road. Walking back along the other bank towards The Meadway, we marvelled at the
reflections from the soft sunlight all around and the sparkling silver and golds rippling on the clear
waters. The beauty did not end as we finished our walk looking across at Trafalgar Playing field and a
flash of blue and orange did a fly past towards Mill Road. Too early to see a water vole this time but a
Kingfisher will do!
Take a look at the Album here by clicking the big logo to see more videos and photos taken in The
Mandarin Duck considered Lucky and a sign of Love so aren’t we lucky to have him here in The
Wild Flower meadows are no more this year but we still have these memories and photos to brighten
up a winter’s night. (First page on Flickr album with the Kingfisher too)
Kingfisher – take a walk and see him for yourself
mandarin duck