You can make a big difference by talking to your friends and colleagues about this project and asking them to visit the website and look through the photo/video album on the home page to get a feel of this amazing area and why we want to protect it.

If you are good at IT and Social Media please spread the word that way too as we want to reach all ages and different groups.

Members can do as little or as much as they feel like doing or have the time and energy to offer and we hope you will join as it will give us encouragement to see people are with us.  We will not bombard members with e mails or requests.

We will keep the site updated with new photographs, music, ecology related to the Sanctuary etc. which visitors can dip in and out of as they wish at a time convenient for them.  

Send your photographs to the papers (and us) or upload videos to YouTube labelled River Crane Sanctuary and tell us about it.

Raise awareness of this Sanctuary so it gets the protection it needs and again....Tell us about what you do!

Come and join us at events we put on the News section of this site.

Give us your ideas for promoting and improving this site and our project.

Take Action if you see something wrong in The Sanctuary - report it to the Council. Fire Brigade or Police

Richmond council: 0208 891 1411 swithboard. or try Crane Park management of site: 08456122660

Crane Park Tel 08456 122660 (Management of site)

Twickenham Fire Brigade:0208 555 1200 x 84741 or 999 if excessive Smoke/Fire

Twickenam West Ward Community Police:0208 247 7055

nb.  Let us know if you cannot get through or numbers changed when you ring so we can update here.