How do I help The Sanctuary Project?

By Joining us and offering any expertise you have or just your time and enthusiasm for nature.

e mail us on the contacts page 

How do I object to a planning application?

You can go on-line to Richmond Planning and search applications and then comment on one you wish to object or support.  Or you can write to Planning with your views or e mail. Alternatively, you can contact your Councillor and ask them questions or if they are supporting or opposing a build.  They may not be able to answer your questions if they are on a planning committee which will examine the application but they may also be prepared to speak for the community they represent on an important issue they have local knowledge off and step down from the committee to register an interest and support one side or the other.  You can also contact our MP Vince Cable to put your views forward but again he may not be able to get involved in local council issues but may be able to comment on national policy such as green belt and the environment.   This applies to all national parties who all have an interest in our environment and would want to hear from party members and the public about issues which are of concern to them.  You can write to the local and national papers!

My neighbour wants to build on MOL and I feel bad objecting as it is only a small house for their family; Why is it so wrong?

Once you allow a build on MOL you create a precedent for more building along the River Corridor and you give permitted development rights to the new build Owner which can further encroach on the Green Space and introduces all the activities and needs of human beings and their domesticated animals into a previously human uninhabited space. eg. Sheds, Lights, Parties, Noise, Extensions, Fences, Deliveries, Hardstandings, More Cars, Dogs/Cats/Chickens. Human needs and wildlife needs are not mutually compatible in such a built up area and it is our view that a new build will be detrimental to the wellbeing and survival of  The Flora and Fauna in The Sanctuary.

What is MOL?

Metropolitan Open Land; the equivalent of Green Space which has protections as it is recognised as important for nature conservation or other reasons.  This site will give more information on this subject under a separate heading if you are interested in knowing more.

MOL can be in Private or Public ownership.  

Who can join this campaign? eg. I do not live in the borough but support nature conservation.

You can!  We are not Political/Religious or aligned to any other group although you may be.  All we want is nature conservation enthusiasts to show they care about this Sanctuary for Wildlife and its needs; natural habitats for our Flora and Fauna to grow, feed and breed and to live free from harm.