New Features: Events Calendar

Posted by Voice Admin on

I've done some tidying up and improvement of the layout in the Events Calendar:

  • The Month view now shows a list of events rather than trying to show them in a big grid.
  • The old List view has gone, replaced by this new Month view.
  • Month is now the default view.
  • Fixed a bug where the Week view sometimes showed too many days.

Have a look and see what you think!


Joe - Voice Admin

2: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by Nick_H on

Hi Joe,

Lokks good.

Only suggestion would be that it would be good if two months are visable, so the default view would show (today) Nov & Dec.  Canhelp with people planning and not have to click to move forward a month, especially as you get close to the end of the month.



3: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by sue potter on
Hi Joe
I like the changes - thank you. The alternate shading we see at our end makes it easier to read.
Is there any scope to add related images to liven up the list?
4: Re: Events Calendar (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Good idea, I'll put adding a 'headline' image to calendar items in my todo list!


5: Re: Events Calendar (response to 4)
Posted by sue potter on

Great! Thanks. 

(Hope your list isn't as long as mine!!)



6: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by AlanS on


We don't have many events so it would be nice to have an option to display a whole year of events, as the default used to be. At the moment the options are month, week and day - typically month shows one event for us. It would be nice to be able to see a page of upcoming events, as we used to be able to.



7: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by Station Manager on

Hi Joe is there anyway we can change the default view to day? We are a community radio station so its important to our listeners whats on today and at what time , rather than a whole month 

Thanks in advance 

Peni Whelan - Hope Radio