7: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by Peni Whelan on

Hi Joe is there anyway we can change the default view to day? We are a community radio station so its important to our listeners whats on today and at what time , rather than a whole month 

Thanks in advance 

Peni Whelan - Hope Radio 

8: Re: Events Calendar (response to 7)
Posted by Voice Admin on

There's no way to configure the default view in the Calendar app (though this is on the todo list).

What you could do though is to add a button to a page which links to the day view of the calendar.

So for your site, the target of the link would be /hoperadio/schedule/view?view=day (you can leave the date out of the link and it'll default to today).

If you wanted to create this as a button rather than a normal link, you can use the bootstrap button class for it.

To do this, create a piece of text like "See today's schedule" and use the wysiwyg link button to create the link to the calendar day view. Then in the Advanced tab for the link, add btn btn-primary into the Classes field. This tells the system to create a button, and set it in the site's primary colour.

Another trick, instead of a button, would be to add a Redirect item to your site using the CMS, set the target url to be the day view, and add it to the navigation menu. (then remove the calendar itself from the navigation menu)



13: Re: Events Calendar (response to 8)
Posted by DWMH-HALL on

Is there a way to allow a user to link to a specfic day on the event calendar?   Reason is we use the events calendar to show the bookings for our hall, the new month in a list view means a long list of events are displayed.  It would be nice to have a way  a prospective hirer can look at the date they are interested to see if it is free. Thanks Pamela Brooks   DWMH