Don't get me wrong, a website builder that's completely free and isn't full of adverts is a pretty good deal, but maybe you need a bit more help building your site, or perhaps the standard themes aren't quite what you're looking for, or maybe you need some extra features that you can't find as standard? Or maybe you even want us to build your entire site for you, right through from initial requirements to finished site.

For a reasonable price, Voice Online Communities CIC are able to do all kinds of bespoke work. From a few little tweaks to your site, to a full site design, or delivering a training course to your staff, we are here to help!

Here are some example services that we offer:

Website Refresh

Volunteer Centre Sutton Homepage

If you have an existing Voice website but feel that it is looking a bit dated, or the content needs reorganising and presenting more clearly, then we can help you with a design refresh.

Take for example Volunteer Centre Sutton. We used the Bootstrap theme with a big banner image, and some Filtered Item Lists to completely refresh their homepage and make it much more engaging and clearer to understand.

Guide price: £250 - £500

Custom CSS for any Voice Theme

Refugee Advocacy Forum

If you're happy with your existing theme but want to change the fonts and colours to exactly match your organisation, this can be done quickly and easily by Voice Online Communities CIC.

For example, for Datawise London, Superhighways and the Women's Budget Group, we built a custom CSS for the Bootstrap theme. This gives you all the different layout options that the Bootstrap theme has to offer, but with your own style.

For the Refugee Advocacy Forum we took the Fresh theme as a base, and created a Custom CSS for their bold colour scheme.

Guide price: £250

Theme Creation

Croydon Mencap Homepage

If you want a new site but the existing themes don't fit your brand, we can create an entire new theme for you, taking into account all your layout and design requirements.

We built the Fresh theme specifically for Croydon Mencap. They gave us ideas of what they liked, and we worked with them to create this theme, then used it to build their new website. They particularly wanted something with excellent accessibility - for example by avoiding the use of pop-down menus.

We then made a general version of the theme which can be used by all other Voice websites - so the money they spent on the theme has now benefitted hundreds of other voluntary organisations!

Guide price: £2000 - £3000

New Functionality

Women's Budget Group Resource Hub

Perhaps you need some extra features that aren't already available on Voice? We can implement these features and, if appropriate, share them with the community so other groups can also use them too!

For example, the Women's Budget Group wanted a Resource Hub where they could categorise pages into Topic, Format, and Area.

For them we added Content Categorisation, so each page in the CMS could be assigned some categories, and a new Includelet which filters pages using these topics.

Guide price: £500/day - The total cost varies a lot depending on what you need - get in touch for a quote!

Training and Support

Training and Support

We also offer training for you or your staff, which can be delivered online or in person.

Training can be customised to your needs - be it a basic introduction to getting started with your website, or covering more advanced topics such as planning and managing a large site with lots of content.

Or maybe a bit of tech support?

We can register domains and add them to your site, or help you create your own theme, or advise on how best to manage your site.

Get in touch for more details!