No fees, no trial periods, no restricted features, no adverts

Create your site on Voice and you will never be asked for money. All features are available to all sites, and new features are made available to all sites as soon as they are ready.

Voice Online Communities is a non-profit company supported by bespoke consultancy work and grants. We do not monetise Voice websites in any way. We don't place adverts or Voice branding on your website.

This is why we don't currently offer websites to businesses - though charities, schools, town and parish councils, clubs, and any other non-profit organisation are welcome!


There is no limit to the number of pages, images, documents, events, etc on your site, and there is no bandwidth limit. You're free to add as much content as you want to!

Members, administrators, and permissions

All Voice sites can have their own members who can contribute to the site via discussion forums, photo albums, event calendars, and more.

There is comprehensive user management functionality in all websites.

Through the admin interface the site administrator can maintain a list of all the members of the site, specify exactly what they have permission to do within the site, and use a simple interface to get in contact with them all via email. You can even allocate some members to be additional administrators to help you maintain the site.

Use your own domain name

When you create your site it'll initially have a URL like though you can easily configure your site to use a custom domain name of your choice, such as

(Voice doesn't charge you to use your own domain name, though there will be a small fee to pay from the registrar when you buy it.)

Secure sites with free SSL certificate

Whether your site is using the domain or your own custom domain name, your site will be protected with a free SSL certificate, and all access to the site and the admin pages is encrypted using https.

A range of themes

We have a range of highly customisable themes - select your preferred layout and colour scheme.

All themes are designed to scale appropriately for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

Advanced users can create their own completely unique site by uploading custom CSS - or we can create one for you! Contact us for more information.

Content Management System and Applications

Create unlimited pages in the Content Management System (CMS) using a WYSIWYG editor, and pull in content from other parts of your site using Includelets.

You can also enable a range of pre-built Applications on your Voice site, such as: photo albums, events calendar, file sharing, discussion forums, blogs, and surveys.

WCAG Accessibility

Sites are accessible to all, with easy to read layouts, clear design, and good contrast. They are tested on mobile devices, tablets, desktop browsers, and screen readers. We're continually reviewing and improving accessibility.

Visitor Stats

All visits to your website are recorded, and a daily report can be viewed from your site's admin pages.

The information is broken down into a wide variety of categories including the pages that are more commonly visited and the time of day that is most popular.

Site Search

All site content is indexed and a fast search feature is provided. This includes CMS pages, forum posts, events, documents etc. If you have lots of content this can make it much easier for visitors to find what they're looking for!

New sites are also automatically submitted to Google, Bing, and other search engines. We find that because Voice sites are rich on content, work great on mobile, and have a clear structure and layout, that they get a really good placement in search engine results.

Custom Code

Many aspects of your site are customisable - you can insert JavaScript onto pages (such as analytics or accessibility tools), or customise the look and feel with your own stylesheets.

You can also embed code from other sources, such as Twitter widgets and YouTube videos.

Anything Else?

If you have requirements that aren't met by your Voice site, you can contact Voice Online Communities CIC to discuss adding new features.

We are happy to create new themes, or custom CSS for an existing theme. Maybe you want a new application adding, an existing application improved, or a new integration with a third party service. Or maybe you'd like us to build your whole site for you!

Our rates are competitive - and all new features added to the system are shared with other users, so any improvements you pay for help lots of other charities and community groups!

That's great - sign me up!

You're welcome.

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