We do not monetise the websites created and hosted on Voice. Websites do not have adverts or user tracking, and we don't sell your data.

Websites are free to use forever. Our primary aim is to provide a free platform for the benefit of the community.

So where does the money come from? Servers don't grow on trees!

Voice Online Communities CIC is a small company with low overheads - the main costs are hosting (which isn't especially expensive) and paying staff.

Staff costs are covered by charging for bespoke work. This can include website design, adding new features to the system, and training. Read more about the services available here.

So, really, the more groups that use Voice the better - as that gives us a larger potential market for our services. The more the merrier!

But that's not all...

Digital Foundations

Voice Online Communities CIC is currently receiving funding though the Digital Foundations project, which is supported by a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund.