15: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

I've updated the calendar view again, to reintroduce the 'list' mode, but better!

The list page now shows a configurable number of upcoming events, from the date selected. Defaults to 20 events.

(The list view is essentially the same as the month view, but isn't restricted to a single month.)

You can now also set the default view (list, month, week, day) in the calendar settings.

You can access the settings either by going to the calendar and finding the "Manage calendar" button, or going to the CMS and clicking on the calendar in the content tree.


Joe - Voice Admin

16: Re: Events Calendar (response to 15)
Posted by Trevor B-S on


Many thanks for adding the "List" view.  I'm sure our users will really appreciate what can be achieved with the extra flexibility.