Documentation and Help Sheets

Comprehensive documentation is available for Voice. There is information about how to admin your site as well as helpsheets on how to create specific features, such as a media gallery.

If you're new to Voice we recommend looking at Getting Started helpsheet.

Support Forums

The forums are provided for asking questions about your website, and for announcements of features and fixes. If you've been helped on the forums, it would be great if you could help someone else out in return!

Please check or search the forums before asking questions, in case your question has already been answered.

Note that you can subscribe to email notifications from the forums, so you can be alerted instantly when someone answers your question.

User Group

We hold a regular informal Zoom chat for site admins, where you can ask questions and we will try to answer them, usually in the form of a demonstration. Great for getting started with your site, or if you have a particular feature you want help with.

See the Voice Users website for details of the next meeting, and to get the link to join. (You need to log in to get the link)