9: Re: Events Calendar (response to 1)
Posted by Trevor B-S on

Hi Joe,

Can I add to the request that it would be nice to have an option to display a whole year of events, as the default used to be. Our entries are typically up to six months in advance so seeing them as one list is helpful.

Many Thanks

10: Re: Events Calendar (response to 9)
Posted by sue potter on


We'd like this too with the display showing today onwards - not from day 1 of a month which will show events that have already happened. 

Maybe I can change this myself? Not sure.




11: Re: Events Calendar (response to 9)
Posted by Voice Admin on

One option is that you could try adding the Community Calendar includelet to your homepage (or any other page!), and configure how many upcoming events you want to highlight.

I'll look into adding more configuration options to the Calendar app, to give greater customisation of what's displayed.



12: Re: Events Calendar (response to 11)
Posted by sue potter on

Thanks Joe

I have just played around with this - it looks a better presentation for us so thank you! I need to investigate more but on first sight looks really promising