2: Re: domain name (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Looks like you've correctly set up your Voice site to use the domain, but the domain itself currently isn't set up correctly.

Currently there's no A record present in the DNS record for hlra.org.uk.

So, head over to the control panel of your registrar and ensure there's an A record with IP address


Joe - Voice Admin

3: Re: domain name (response to 2)
Posted by David Burks on

Thanks for this. We have gone back to IONOS and set up the A record successfully. We still seem to be having a problem with the domain name.



4: Re: domain name (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

There are no A records set on hlra.org.uk or www.hlra.org.uk. So something weird is going on at IONOS (unless I'm checking the wrong domain name!?)




5: Domain Name hlra.org.uk (response to 4)
Posted by David Burks on


Hi Joe

Thanks for your help,that is the correct domain name, I will contact Ionos,

Regards David