2: Re: Domain name/url (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Some examples would be significantly helpful here. Which domain names are no longer working for you? Should be easy for me to check what the problem is if I know where I'm looking...



3: Re: Domain name/url (response to 2)
Posted by Colin at H&H on

Hi Joe,


We have www.swlen.org.uk wwwrichmondsparrows.org.uk www.hamunitedgroup.org.uk and www.forg.org.uk


4: Re: Domain name/url (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

The DNS for the domains seem to be set up incorrectly. The correct way is to do two things:

  1. Ensure that your preferred domain(s) are configured on the Site Domain admin page of your Voice site.
  2. Set up a DNS A record in the domain config (with your registrar) pointing to the IP address of Voice (

Your site will then be accesible properly at that domain, once the DNS settings have propagated through the Internet to the Voice server.

Of the domains you mention:

www.swlen.org.uk and www.richmondsparrows.org.uk

These resolve to, and then something that responds there sends a 302 "redirect" HTTP response to the site on Voice.

www.hamunitedgroup.org.uk and www.forg.org.uk

These also resolve to, but the server creates a frame and inserts the Voice site into it. Yuck.

Hope this helps!


Joe - Voice Admin