4: Re: Domain name/url (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

The DNS for the domains seem to be set up incorrectly. The correct way is to do two things:

  1. Ensure that your preferred domain(s) are configured on the Site Domain admin page of your Voice site.
  2. Set up a DNS A record in the domain config (with your registrar) pointing to the IP address of Voice (

Your site will then be accesible properly at that domain, once the DNS settings have propagated through the Internet to the Voice server.

Of the domains you mention:

www.swlen.org.uk and www.richmondsparrows.org.uk

These resolve to, and then something that responds there sends a 302 "redirect" HTTP response to the site on Voice.

www.hamunitedgroup.org.uk and www.forg.org.uk

These also resolve to, but the server creates a frame and inserts the Voice site into it. Yuck.

Hope this helps!


Joe - Voice Admin