Emergency Organisation - Council Procedures

Elstead Parish has a detailed Emergency Plan that allows for local as well as general emergencies.

  • https://elsteadvillage.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Elstead-Emergency-Plan-version-July-2019.pdf
  • It includes procedures for activation of volunteers during an emergency. The online published version will need some updating at its next annual review.
  • It was not activated during the evacuation of residents and the possible risk to private properties, following the SFRS declaration of a major fire on Hankley Common.

Thursley Parish has prepared emergency procedures but not a statutory Plan.

It provides organisation and communication procedures for three zones in the Parish.

It also has the Friends of Thursley Common, volunteers who patrol Thursley Nature Reserve in pairs to advise visitors and watch for fires.

Elstead village can be divided into local zones fairly readily and it should be possible to designate two or three local volunteers in each zone to take responsibility for notifying neighbours of any information or action that is needed. This would be an addition to the Elstead Emergency Plan Some zones would need to be extended to include outlying homes and another zone would be needed to cover Woolfords Lane and the southern end of Thursley Road, also another for Weyburn. (Detail maps are also available).