In the centre of Elstead there are three fields on Bonfire Hill, between West Hill and Hill Crest, with beautiful views over the Surrey Hills that surround Elstead.

SU9043 : West Hill, Elstead by Peter Facey    SU9043 : Housing in West Hill, Elstead by Peter Facey SU9043 : Hillcrest seen from footpath along top of hill, Elstead by Peter Facey    

Bonfire Hill Views    Peter Facey (c)

Bonfire Hill is outside the Village settlement boundary, on Green Belt land in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is not a site that would normally be considered for development unless it was declared an exception site for some overriding reason, such as a local requirement identified by a housing needs survey.

The Hill dominates the centre of Elstead and is a popular spot for walking and picking blackberries. When there is snow on the ground there is a steep slope that is perfect for safe sledging, within easy reach of the village. There are three footpaths onto the hill from the village and one of them leads East along the Spring Hill ridge to Ockley Common. There are also good views of the hill from the village and from the hills of the surrounding countryside for miles around.





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