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This site is dedicated to collecting, analysing and distributing information about our village. We try to keep up with current news items that are likely to affect us in Elstead and carry out investigations into their background. This often involves searching the Internet for relevant information and communicating with people and organisations that can throw light on matters that concern us. Important News items are posted on the website notice board from time to time, with key headlines on the Home page. 

A discussion forum is provided on the Elstead Independent News Facebook Page [LINK].

Information on these has been collated and stored on the ELSTEAD ONLINE website and is available for anybody to see. Some investigations have involved online surveys and polls and a petition about the Hankley Common car park closure raised nearly 600 responses from all over the country. 

Other information on the website includes:

We would like to build up historical archives with old photographs supplied by residents. Old articles and copies of the Elstead Village news from the past ten years have been transferred from an earlier Elstead website. Some Church history and parish records are also be available.

All the facilities on the ELSTEAD ONLINE website are supplied free of charge by e-voice.org. This is a non-commercial private website.