Speed Watch Survey Comments and Ideas

Comments.  We received a very large number of comments as a result of the survey, the majority of them very constructive and expressing concern about the problems. There was no doubt about the support for the Speed Watch scheme.There were two very negative comments, one suggesting that there was no problem and that we should run a speed survey to prove it, the other accusing us of spying on our neighbours and criminalising motorists.

We were not able to run a proper speed survey in 2010 but in 2015 a full professional 24/7 camera survey was done in the Milford and Thursley Roads for two weeks as part of evidence collection for the Neighbourhood Plan project. [LINK]

Anonymous User on 2009-12-14 11:57

More evidence of Police checking vehicle speeds and stopping those offenders especially during rush hour. Let's see the Police take enforcement action.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-11 14:31

Mini-roundabout at bottom of Springhill.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-11 17:20

I have witnessed on literally hundreds of occasions, heavy lorries, tractors (with huge hay-lifting spikes on the front) and BUSES!!!!! driving through the village at well over 40. I simply cannot believe the stupidity of some drivers, particularly bus drivers who really DO know better. This is ALWAYS at school times as this is when I am out walking every day and the drivers know full well that there are small children about. I would add that (unbelievably) many people overtake those of us who stick to 30mph on the main road through Elstead. The Milford Road speed indicator is set incorrectly. It flashes at 25mph!! HOW is that going to encourage people to drive slower when they get flashed at 28/29/30mph??? As a resident of nearly 9 years now, I would say that we need the following:-

A pedestrian crossing (traffic lights) close to the United Reformed church on Milford Road to allow villagers safe access to the shops on both sides of the road and to help slow the traffic.
2. A pelican crossing or pedestrian refuge on the Thursley Road near to the school - perhaps next to the village green, allowing children safe access to the playground.

3. A pelican crossing or pedestrian refuge on the Thursley Road between the Youth Centre and West Hill for those accessing the school via the rear entrance.
4. A traffic calming scheme on the Milford Road (but NOT speed bumps). I would suggest that clear, repeated road markings and a chicane would be the best idea. An entry chicane at the start of the village (30mph sign next to Lex Farm) and another at the end (The Mill at Elstead). I would also suggest a chicane on the Thursley Road (from Thursley direction) just before the village green. Having experienced a similar sized chicane system in a village called Godshill in the New Forest I can say that it DOES work extremely well at slowing the traffic.
5. Road Markings approaching the school – red road surface.
6. The Milford Road speed indicator to be set correctly! Finally, one other point I would like to raise is the dreadful lack of proper pavements around the village. a) You literally take your life in your hands walking to The Mill pub. (Something most of the village does each year for the Duck Races). b) In order to walk to the school gates from the Youth Centre, you have to cross the road three times in order to stay on a pavement. (There is no pavement in front of the church green). c) You have to cross the road twice to get from the Spar shop to the Golden Fleece pub. That corner is incredibly dangerous and therefore, you have to cross over to Chandlers Garage to get to the pub safely. May I say that I appreciate the chance to voice an opinion and really hope that something happens. I would add though, PLEASE! NO SPEED BUMPS - they simply make life hell for residents, they increase wear & tear to residents’ vehicles, they negatively impact emergency service response times and they increase noise, pollution and fuel consumption. Many thanks for reading my opinions!

Anonymous User on 2010-02-12 17:51

I hope the scheme will be successful

Anonymous User on 2010-02-12 17:53

20 mph by school

Anonymous User on 2010-02-12 17:59

Only partly in favour. Limits should not be enforced unreasonably.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-12 18:02

Agreed to implement this scheme very soon

Anonymous User on 2010-02-13 09:35

The speed that some people drive through Elstead coming from Milford is scary. You see some people speed up to see if they can get the 30mph sign to flash. A lot of residents in Elstead drive too fast around the side roads. The bin and recycling lorries drive much too fast on the smaller residential side roads. There is no safe way to cross the Milford road where the bus stop is, or where the entrance to the tennis courts and recreation ground is.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-13 14:16

20 mph by the school

Anonymous User on 2010-02-13 14:18

20 mph in the school area

Anonymous User on 2010-02-14 19:22

My daughter is due to start Secondary school later this year and will have to catch the school bus by crossing Milford Road. This fills me with absolute dread. Elstead is just an accident waiting to happen with the number of children vs volume/speed of cars. With the inconsistency of traffic I find it impossible to let my children cross a road by themselves. At morning rush hour there are a lot of cars running straight through at speed. At other times of day it is the odd car and some of these can be exceptionally fast. This makes it harder for children to gauge speed. Also, in the dark along these roads it is incredibly difficult to see cyclists or pedestrians trying to cross, especially at speed. Crossing at the end of Hookley Lane is horrendous, even for an adult. There are 4 different directions to look, huge speeds on the Milford Road and large numbers and size of vehicle traffic for Hookley Farm. Parked cars along the Milford road - although these slow cars down it does make life difficult as a driver and pedestrian checking for traffic, especially around the entrance to Orchard Close. We have been caught out crossing there several times and had a close shave in the car trying to get out. In fact at some times of day it is almost impossible to get out onto the Milford Road without taking a risk! There is also chaos around the Spar shop for pedestrians trying to cross. Lots of parked cars, pedsesrians and through traffic.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-18 09:23

I'm very concerned about the speed of traffic and there lack of awareness/concern for the local residents. There are lots of children and elderly who are unable to cross the Milford Road safely and the parking/traffic around the 'green' at the Spar shop is chaotic and very dangerous.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-15 15:45

I do not like 'obvious' calming measures, such as lines, chicanes, humps or cameras. These are seen as 'provocative' by non residents of the village. Pedestrian crossings and mini roundabouts are not in themselves seen as traffic calming measures, but they have the same effect, probably more. Milford road is a public highway paid for out of taxes on road users, it is not fair to use humps that shorten the life of suspension and jostle vehicle occupants. Adding extra paint, which is slippery compared to tarmac, does not add to road safety, especially two wheeled road users. In summary we ought to take a subtle, non provocative approach to the 'milford road problems', and demand the insertion of a simple zebra crossing somewhere between the woolpack pub and spring hill, and an investigation into placing a mini roundabout as described above. In addition the junction of milford road and the road leading to the tennis club needs attention in terms of position and visibility.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-18 11:57

Using local residents to operate the cameras is somewhat 'creepy'. I do understand the concerns with speeding but believe that the Police themselves should man the cameras so that drivers are sure that the camera is professionally operated and not so open to error. Residents have been used in a village near where I live to man the cameras and it has divided the village more that united it as some people think that the people operating the cameras are not properly trained and come over as 'creeps'. Rightly or wrongly, the local operators are being closly watched for any little transgressions that they commit and are then being reported (wheely bins overstuffed, dog fouling etc). The heavy vehicles paasing through Elstead really can be a pain. I have often had them tailgating me (when I'm trying to stay within the limit)and not giving cycleists/scooter drivers sufficient room when passing which is dangerous. Good luck to you, but please, please, stop joining the bandwagon of targeting and criminalising the motorist!

Anonymous User on 2010-02-19 07:27

  • Q5 30 is the right speed if everyone did it.
  • Q6 There is pressure from people driving too close or trying to overtake that makes it hard to keep to the speed limit. Q7 it has been right on 30 but this week was close to 25 and coming on
  • Q10 I strongly don't agree with chicanes if they are built to make people have to completely stop when someone is coming the other way. I think this causes a negative reaction and anger and makes people drive faster once they are past the chicane. Traffic calming cushions are fine if they are large/long enough to slow the speed to 30 but without ruining suspensions and tyres. The examples in TONGHAM are very good (although the Chicanes are not !

Anonymous User on 2010-02-19 14:08

The area round the Milford Road / Thursley Road junction is so busy and congested at times that a 20 m.p.h. speed limit would be more appropriate.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-19 19:14

Parking around the Green causes the road to be single lane, also parking at the corners near the Spar shop and the Woolpack is dangerous because you cannot see on-coming traffic.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-19 19:17

Encourage people to park their car(s) in their driveway rather than on roadways.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-19 19:21

Resident of Fulbrooke Lane. - narrow and dangerous but traffic speeds down the lane. Cars, buses and delivery vans.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-19 19:31

More volunteers needed to cover for sickness and holidays. Feedback to Parish Council soon please.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-20 12:26

Living on the Milford Road, the speeding traffic in and out of the village is a constant problem. Our cat was killed outright recently by a speeding car which didnt even stop. We strongly support the idea of speed cameras as the ideal solution

Anonymous User on 2010-02-20 13:21

I would be concerned that it is the fundamentalist element of the community who shout the loudest and have deep rooted opinions about who are to blame yet many of them are serial speeders whose concentration and observation levels are sometimes poor. People who are not observant, and do not concentrate are in my opinion as dangerous as those speeding. There can not be one rule for some and one rule for others.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-21 10:49

Apologies, I wanted to participate in the speed watch volunteer programme, but family matters have prevented doing so on this occasion, but would be happy to volunteer for next group. Derek Whitbread Lombard, Milford Road 703047

Anonymous User on 2010-02-22 09:56

One of the biggest issues is the speeding of lorries and large/light vans who totally disregard the speed limit. Private cars and motorbikes is more of an issue at the weekends.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-22 14:04

I can wait easily 5 to 10 minutes some days trying to cross Milford Road.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-22 14:28

is it possible to change the weight limit on the bridge by the Mill? If so, can we make it lower so that the large Chambers etc vehicles can't come through the village as a cut through rather than using the A3/A31.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-22 16:26

I do hope you can put this plan into operation. It really is needed in the village.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-22 16:29

Cycles should not be ridden on pavements. The corner by Chapel Cottages to Springfield is an accident waiting to happen. Pedestrians proceeding from the surgery to the pharmacy rounding that corner are in danger of severe injury.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-23 14:36

I don't approve of road bumps or chicanes. And I don't feel there is a massive speeding problem, though I turn from side road onto Milford Rd out of the tennis club/rec entrance where the hedge makes it difficult to see. If people are travelling at 30 mph it is no problem, but if people are going quicker than that it can be quite dangerous. As cars are on top of you before you know it and they are going too quick to stop in time. That said, it only takes a few people drive at 30mph through the village and it makes everyone else slow down which in turn makes people more aware of the speed they are doing. I think half the time people just continue driving at the 40mph+ that they have been in the roads leading up to Elstead and they don't make the conscious decision to slow down on seeing the 30mph signs. I don't have a problem with a pedestrian crossing somewhere suitable.

Anonymous User on 2010-02-26 23:24

I have not answered Q12 because I think it is a ridiculous question. I am sometimes inconvenienced by cars parked on the kerb - yes! Do I see why drivers sometimes do it - yes! Is it the biggest issue in Elstead - No. I have regularly seen cars speeding on Milford Rd and Thursley Rd. I think 30 mph is too fast on some of the side roads where children are more likely to be eg. Hookley Lane and Red house Lane. Parking around the Spar shop causes difficulties for driving and for crossing the road.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-01 08:49

There has to be a pedestrian crossing of some kind in at least 2 places in Elstead - one across the Milford Road and the second across the Thursley road. This would also slow traffic down and remind users they are in a pedestrian area.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 18:42

The mobile slow down notices & speed recorders attached to lamp posts are a v. good idea. We don't want any speed cameras.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 18:52

Length of time spent speed watching 2 hrs, 4, 6, or a whole day.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 18:54

1. Speed limit should be reduced to 20 mph. 2. Pedestrian crossing is needed in Milford Road 3. Illegal parking on pavement opposite Pharmacy - ACTION!

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 18:58

1. Parking at Spar. Lorries park on the white cross lines. You cannot see to cross roads with children safely. Cars park on the bend of road. 2. Broomfield. White vans parked on bend of road causing obstruction to view and causing single file traffic.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 19:02

It would be good to have either speed bumps in Thursley Road near Woolfords Lane or traffic calming measures and/or a pavement that would go up to the Moat so residents can walk up there without fear of being knocked down by speeding traffic.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 19:07

Speed bumps. Our end of the village is like a race track as it is a straight piece of road. People either accelerate after leaving the village centre or after the sharp bend, going into the village. I do worry for my son's safety.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 19:11

The parking on pavements occur because the roads are so NARROW, so cyclists feel safer on the pavement (but can be fined) cars park partly on the pavement due to congestion, narrow roads, no car park. We need cycle lanes throughout village.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 22:50

I an concerned for the safety of children at school drop off time at the junction of Hookley Lane and Broomfield with the Milford Road when crossing in either direction.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-08 15:55

Parking on the pavement outside the fish and chip shop is a great hazard for wheelchair users who have to go out into the road without necessarily being able to see oncoming vehicles as their sight line is obscured until they are off the pavement. Electric wheelchair users are unable to mount the kerb onto the higher level of pavement. A similar hazard presumably exists for pedestrians with children in pushchairs. This causes much concern for us with a wheelchair user in the family. The number of lay-bys on the other side of the road make it much less easy to negotiate for wheelchair users. Pedestrian crossings would also greatly improve safety for wheelchair users. eg one near the chemists and another across the Thursley road by Spar shop since parked cars are a hazard obscuring sightlines. 20 mile/hr limit around the green would also be desirable and/or SLOW markings. Widening of the pavement outside Spar to allow a ramped access would enable the shop to comply with Disabled Access legislation.

Web Master on 2010-03-09 16:35

As I am now in my seventies I find crossing the Milford Road quite a problem at times. 30 mph speed limit: I think this should begin at Hookley Lane (as it used to in the past) not at the village boundary. 40 mph is quite safe from the boundary to Hookley Lane.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 00:26

Installation of bollards to prevent parking by cars on corner of Thursley road by Spar (removable for delivery lorry only) and chicane/pavement build outs by school, Village Hall, Chandlers and pharmacy on Milford Road with zebra crossings opposite the pharmacy, Village Hall and the school would be ideal. Safely crossing these busy roads during the rush hours with children/ dogs/and for old people is very dangerous and these places become more dangerous due to irresponsible parking-including residents-on a regular basis. Making the road in frount of the Spar/Vets one way- in opposite Chandlers and out onto Thursley road-with parking on one side only- would also be a good idea. To me it is the amount of traffic as much as the speed. ps.one of my daughters(14 yrs old) was knocked over by a car in November whilst waiting at the bus stop for the Rodborough school bus. A driver pulled out of Spring hill into the path of another (reputedly speeding-still not resolved) car at this busy junction, so I am particularly keen to see a reduction in the speed of cars entering and leaving the village.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 16:32

Attitude of drivers picking up and setting down of children to school. E.g. speeding and inappropriate parking.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 16:39

There are occasions when it is necessary to park on pavements e.g. Public Service delivery vans etc. When it is necessary sufficient room should be left for Pedestrians and prams to pass.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 16:44

Delivery Courier vans parked on pavements have caused the pavement to drop over the years menaing there are now puddles in wet weather when pavements used to be flat! Lower speed limits should be enforceable!

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 16:46

Left turn from Broomfield onto B3001 very dangerous when traffic travelling Farnham -> Milford is speeding.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 16:50

Excellent idea. It is quite frightening the speed of vehicles along the Milford Road.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 16:52

Not sure that 30 mph is the right speed limit.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-09 17:03

30 mph limit is right providing it is adhered to. Not concerned about heavy vehicles providing they are making local deliveries.

 Negative comments and our responses

Anonymous User on 2010-02-23 17:52

This is Elstead, a village with character that doesn't need an urban 'solution' for traffic passing through its arteries where for the most part it would be rare to see anyone travelling more than 35mph. Very few people standing on the pavement can accurately pronounce the speed of a passing vehicle and only therefore have perceptions that is was travelling 'too fast'. So we recruit an army of volunteers to rigidly enforce a speed limit over limited periods.

Road safety for rural areas is a number of elements ranging from improved street lighting to maintaining and renewing 'cats eyes' but of course all those types of improvements don't generate a revenue source.

There have been no published survey results of traffic passing through over a 24 hour period to reinforce that there is a problem that needs resources thrown at that could be otherwise used for the greater benefit of all the residents of Elstead. Now if Elstead Speed Watch and its band of volunteers could demonstrate that action is needed to curb excessive speed through the Village then I would suggest that as a first step they paid for and had installed vehicle activated speed signs that showed the speed of the passing vehicles. All of us could then stand beside Milford Road to witness the very occasional thoughtless driver.

We have several comments on this. First of all two of the ideas are constructive and we intend to put them into practice if possible. These are the suggestions for a traffic census and for a recording speed indicator sign.

1. The traffic census has been in our plans from the start and just requires enough people to carry it out. If this contributor would like to help s/he will be welcome.

2. The sign is something that we will ask for and hope to get on a short term basis, but these things cost money and that is one of the objections to the scheme raised by this contributor. There is no reason why the volunteers should pay for the installation, if it is justified it will be provided by the Highways Authority.

As far as using resources that could be put to better use is concerned, the volunteers are unpaid and are often involved in other village affairs as well as this scheme. Police time is far less than would be needed if they had to do all the speed checks themselves. Cost of the scheme so far is less than £100, for minor setting up expenses.

If we find that this contributor is in fact right we will give three hearty cheers and go home! We are not doing this for fun but in response to many concerned residents who find the present traffic situation in Elstead scary and dangerous. A fit young member of a local company's staff told me recently that he often finds it difficult to cross the road to the pub at lunchtime! We have a lot of mothers, children and elderly people who find it much more of a problem than he does.

Anonymous User on 2010-03-03 18:38

I think it outrageous you should be recruiting people to spy on their friends neighbours and fellow citizens. I hope the scheme is a failure.

Our response to this is that surely Elstead residents have every right to defend themselves against any of their friends, neighbours and fellow citizens who seriously affect their quality of life. Vehicles travelling at excessive speeds cause considerable concern to drivers trying to turn from a side road or a driveway onto a main road, as well as making it difficult for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders to use the roads without fear.

An earlier comment asked us not to join those who criminalise motorists. A driver travelling at an excessive speed IS a criminal by legal definition. Any citizen is entitled to report a crime to the Police and the criminals are responsible for the consequences.