Bonfire Hill Old Development Plans

These are plan layouts proposed by the current owners for housing development. 

All of the proposals were vigorously opposed by Elstead PC and residents on the basis that the Neighbourhood Plan makes adequate provision for new homes in the village and the Bonfire Hill fieldsare designated as a public open space, currently in agricultural use for grazing.

The fields are in the Green Belt and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Development of the fields would affect the views from a wide area of the surrounding hills.

The owners are two speculative developers in partnership  who have a number of small companies around the country that buy up farm land on the edge of rural villages in the hope of eventually getting planning permission for housing. In some cases this has been successful. They work through Framptons, a land management company who have made presentations and exhibitions in the village showing different proposals.

Bonfire Hill Proposed Layout 2015

Bonfire Hill Plan 2015


Bonfire Hill Layout Oct 2018