Hankley Users Group

Following a meeting organised by Waverley Councillor Jenny Else with the MOD in January 2014, a Hankley Users Group has been formed to work with the MOD Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Landmarc. They will meet quarterly to discuss any issues that arise from the shared use of the Commons by civilians and the Army.

MOD contact:  Ludlow, Mark Lt Col <mark.ludlow100@mod.uk>

Documents available:



Hankley User Group Terms of Reference


To provide a focus group enabling liaison between the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the local community, facilitating communication and discussion on public access management on the Hankley, Elstead and Thursley Training Estate.

 Outline of functions

  • Where appropriate report on MOD site use that may have an impact on public use.

  • Report on MOD concerns regarding public access.

  • Report on community / user concerns regarding public access.

  • Seek resolution on matters that arise.


  • Mark Ludlow (DIO South East Security and Public Access Officer)
  • Chalky White (Training Safety Marshal)
  • Cllr Sean Edwards (Thursley PC)
  • Cllr Patrick Murphy (Elstead PC)
  • PC Alex Regan (Local Constabulary representative)
  • Graham Butler (Surrey LAF representative)
  • Sandra Smith (BHS representative)
  • David Ross (TBC) (Ramblers Association representative)
  • David Moxon (CTC representative)
  • John Mathisen (Residents representative)

Frequency of meetings



  • Minutes / actions of meeting to be shared with Col. Dickie Bishop.

  • Where possible actions will be followed up by the relative lead within the agreed time frame.

  • If the action requires consideration / approval by Command a decision will be fed back to the Group within the agreed time frame.

  • Mark Ludlow to act as point of contact between meetings, contactable on: Ludlow, Mark Lt Col <mark.ludlow100@mod.uk>