2010 Speed Watch Survey Results.

Elstead Speed Watch Opinion Survey – March 2010 

Response totals 96

We are looking for information from drivers and local residents in support of the Speed Watch scheme that we are setting up in Elstead.

Responses will not be used for any purpose other than the preparation of a summary report, which will not identify individual sources.

If you use the roads in Elstead please mark all the responses that apply to you:-

Resident 90         Visitor 5         Driver 69         Cyclist 33   
Horse rider 3        Pedestrian 63        Parent 22        Runner 1

Do you think that speeding is a problem in Elstead?      Yes  90      No 6

How much does speeding in Elstead affect you?

Severely  8      Causes a lot of concern  42     

Some concern  39     Not much  6      Not at all  1

Which of your activities are affected by speeding?

Driving on main roads 50          Driving on other roads 27   
Turning from a side road onto a main road 69
Turning from a drive onto a road 31         Crossing a road 66   
Cycling or riding horse 30          Other - comment below 10

Is 30 mph the right speed limit for Elstead?     Yes  76    No 12

Where do you live?

Elstead - Milford Road area  76          Elstead - Thursley Road area  12   
Outside Elstead but a frequent visitor  5        Other - comment below  2

Do you approve of the Speed Watch scheme?      Yes  82     No 7

What other traffic calming measures would you approve?

Road markings: 24          Road bumps or cushions:       11 Chicanes: 16
Pedestrian refuges: 15        Pedestrian crossings: 28        Parked vehicles: 7
Fixed speed cameras: 17        Other - comment below or in other ideas

Are you concerned about heavy vehicles passing through Elstead?      Yes  71     No 17

Comments.  We received a large number of comments as a result of this questionnaire, the majority of them very constructive and expressing concern about the problems. There were two very negative comments, one suggesting that there was no problem and that we should run a speed survey to prove it, the other accusing us of spying on our neighbours and criminalising motorists.

We were not able to run a proper speed survey at the time but in 2015 a full professional 24/7 survey was done for two weeks as part of evidence collection for the Neighbourhood Plan project. The comments and the results of the survey will be published on this website. We were hardly criminalising motorists who are already breaking the law by speeding.