Public Meeting 10/2/12


Public Meeting Report  V3 - 15/02/12 Betty Moxon

EVN report 13/2/12

Public Meeting Plan

URC Hall 8.00 pm Friday February 10th.

Campaign Group to arrive from 6.30 to set up.

Dave's meeting plan:

In terms of structure, I propose to give a general overview introduction (10 minutes or so) that sets out all the key points.

I will illustrate it with a Powerpoint that I can produce - though I want us all to contribute to the content. (Map of Hankley Common showing registered Common Land available)

Then I believe we should move on to two or three other brief presentations from other team members providing greater detail on:

  • What we know about the legal aspects  (John Mathisen?)
  • What the impact will be if the MOD goes ahead  (David Moxon?)
  • What can we do to stop them (??)

Then we should open the meeting to the floor for 15 minutes of Q&A (with several of us at the front to answer)  (More time needed 30 mins min??)

Then the 'call to action'.

At the very least, please sign the petition (sheets will be passed round), or at:,  keep in touch via the (Facebook) PATH group and write to everyone you can (addresses & points you might want to make available as you leave).

If you can do more to help us find out more about the legalities please go and talk to x & y (JohnMathisen?, David Moxon?) now.

If you can help us campaigning / leafleting / lobbying please go and talk to a & z (Lis MacGregor? Dawn?) now.

If you can contribute to a fighting fund, then our Treasurer (Sue Gowar) can take your cash/cheque or you can contgact her at ( ?? )

And if you want to tell the local press how you feel, xxx is here and I'm sure they would love to hear your views


(For more information about the campaign you can find it on the Elstead website at:

Finally. Thanks for being here. Include your email address on the petition and we'll keep you posted about developments.