Going to Europe this year may need more planning. Information at Elstead or

Both sites have links to government bulletins about travel after Brexit, in Deal or No-Deal situations, with details about driving licences, health insurance, passports, visas, etc. There is also an article in the March Elstead Magazine.

DEAL Not much to worry about but possibly minor changes.

NO DEALRules for travel or working in Europe will change.

> TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Renew your passport if it has only a few months left. Check if visas are needed. Take out health cover. European Health Insurance Cards will not apply.

> CONSUMER RIGHTS Your mobile phone and roaming costs may be higher. Bank cards may be affected.

> DRIVING You will need a car insurance Green Card and may need an International Driving Permit.

> ANIMALS AND PETS Contact your vet 4 months before taking your pet to the EU. A horse will need ID document and health documentation.

FOREIGN OFFICE ADVICE Check their web page before you go:

There is more detailed information here:


Prepare your export business for the UK leaving the EU  [LINK]

Here is a link to the government site that provides advice to businesses that may be affected by Brexit, deal or no-deal:

Find out what you need to do to prepare your business for Brexit - answer questions and get guidance on rules and regulations


Implications for Business and Trade of a No Deal Exit on 29 March 2019. This is the full 57 page government Risk Assessment briefing for businesses on the possible effects of No Deal, with case studies for key industries. The choice seems to be to do something about it if you have not already prepared, or cover your eyes, cross your fingers and prepare to jump!

The Conclusion of the report is alarming: 
"Government has been accelerating its preparations for a no deal scenario since September, with a particular emphasis since December 2018. However, the short time remaining before 29 March 2019 does not allow Government to unilaterally mitigate the effects of no deal. Even where it can take unilateral action, the lack of preparation by businesses and individuals is likely to add to the disruption experienced in a no deal scenario."