To:      The DAVH Cleaning Volunteers


 Dear All,




 Firstly, could I thank you all for your support during the past year and further thank you for your commitment to continued support.


 Based on bi-lateral discussion with some (albeit not all) of you I have produced the following Cleaning Roster for the period January 2016 to December 2016:



January 2016                            Paul and Sheila


February 2016                           Rupert and Judy


March 2016                               Julie and Andrew


April 2016                                 Spring Clean


May 2016                                  John and Cathy


June 2016                                 Michael and Marian


July 2016                                   Jeremy and Anna


August 2016                              TBC


September 2016                        Jos and TBC


October 2016                            Autumn Clean


November 2016                        Christian and Caroline


December 2016                        Janet and Rachel



As usual I will ensure adequate cleaning materials are maintained in the Cleaning Store throughout the year and some cleaning ‘hints and tips’ can be found on the inside door of the Cleaning Store Cupboard. A Cleaning Check List is also provided which you are asked to complete noting any faults/deficiencies found.


If your allocated month is not convenient to you then please do not hesitate to let me know so I can put in place alternative arrangements. Similarly, given the long-range nature of the Roster, if you subsequently find yourself unavailable then again please contact me.



If you have any other queries then please do not hesitate to speak to me.



Once again thank you in anticipation of your continued support.


With kind regards,