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District Councillor Updates.

District Councillor Julia Judd forwards regular updates on local issues and consultations:

Government White Paper on Planning For The Future (The Effect on The Cotswolds): 


To make comments please use the following links:


This is the link for responses to the Government White Paper – The Planning for the Future.

Either by email:

Or there is an online form for responses which can be found by clicking the following link:


Cotswold District Council Planning Training

Councillor Judd, the Clerk, the Chairman and a number of Parish Councillors attended a Planning Training held by CDC.

Councillor Judd produced A Straightforward Guide to Commenting on Planning Applications for use by Councillors and residents, see below.


Councillor Updates 

Note the report below 18/03/21 has links to the recent Flood Forum Transcript






Julia Judd - Ermin Ward Councillor



Our Ward Councillor’s Parish Report dated April 2020 provides a very useful round-up of issues of interest and relevance to constituents within and around the Duntisbournes Parish.  Her earlier Parish Report dated September 2019 is included here for ease of reference.