Please note that all CDC and Councillor updates relating to the Covid-19 Coronavirus are located on the Coronavirus page (see menu).


There follows two recent notes from our local policing team - one concerning 'Support from Energy Suppliers - COVID-19' and the other concerning 'Information for Helping in the Current Environment'. Please note the communication concerning 'Support from Energy Suppliers' contains some corrupted formatting text - this largely appearing where the use of an apostrophe has been used - the meaning of the message still remains largely clear.








Parish Council


Residents of the Duntisbournes will doubtless be keeping well up to speed regarding the latest developments concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as the latest guidance with regard what we should be all doing to play our full part in defeating this pandemic. Clearly, this is a dynamic and quickly changing situation. Residents will doubtless wish to keep fully abreast of the latest developments and guidance from authoritative sources – quick links to some of these can be found at the new page-tab marked ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19)’ which can be found to the left of this page.

More parochially, all residents should by now be aware that in response to the current situation the Parish Council has set up a volunteer ‘Duntisbournes Support Group’. A useful letter written by the Chair of the Parish Council has been distributed widely but an electronic copy can be found by following the link below (please note telephone numbers have been redacted):




As referenced in the letter above, the Suport Group e-mail address is: DuntisbourneHelp@gmail.com


Further, Cotswold District Council has produced a useful Community Support Pack which provides a useful source of key contacts, resources and information in one place.  Click on the following link for a pdf copy of the pack:











District Councillor Judd Information for September 2019