Cotswold District Council Planning and Building Portal

The Cotswold District Council Planning and Building Portal provides access to a wide range of important planning & building information – this including access to the CDC online Planning Applications Register and details of how you can register online to receive e-mails about planning applications near your home.


Cotswold Design Code


Residency within and around the Duntisbourne Abbots and Leer Conservation Area - which itself sits at the heart of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) - is a great privilege but one which comes with great responsibility to ensure the shared natural and built heritage environment is both preserved and enhanced. National planning policy is derived from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) whilst local planning policy is laid down in the Cotswold District Local Plan.

A key planning component of the Cotswold District Local Plan is the Cotswold Design Code which aims to ensure the highest standards of new development which respect the distinctive qualities of the District and which respond to local Cotswold character and context. The Cotswold Design Code is a key material consideration in planning decisions and, set within the context of the Cotswold District Local Plan, carries considerable weight - it is an essential point of reference for developers, architects and builders in the Cotswold District.

Top Tip: Pre-planning advice from CDC Planning, Conservation and Building Control staff (as appropriate) is invaluable and could potentially save applicants both time and money.  Not least out of consideration, it is always advisable to fully consult with your neighbours (and anyone else affected) prior to submitting any planning application. 


Commenting on Planning Applications


Councillor Judd (Cotswold District Council Ermin Ward) produced A Straightforward Guide to Commenting on Planning Applications for use by Councillors and residents, see below: