Trust Deed and Trustees

Trust Deed


Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall is a registered Charity (Number 301522) run and maintained by Trustees for the benifit of the "inhabitants of Duntisbourne Abbots and the neighbourhood".  Its status arises from, and is defined in, a Trust Deed which sets out the Charity Commission Scheme relating to it and which was sealed on 31st January 1961.

The Charity is responsible for the activities of, within, and on behalf of the Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall and the physical property as defined in the Trust Deed.  The Trust Deed represents the sole and absolute legal foundation document for the Charity and sets down the admisitrative and management provisions for the Charity.


The Charity Commision website holds an entry for the Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall (Registered Charity Number 301522) which includes details of the Charity's financial and compliance history. 


Management Committee of Trustees


Chair                                      Richard Crabb

Secretary                               Colin Russell

Treasurer                               Colin Russell

Bookings Secretary              Jon Stevens

Trustee                                                                        Ex-officio - Rector

Trustee                                   Rupert Lane         Ex-officio - Ch Warden

Trustee                                   Julian Weston      Ex-officio - Ch Warden

Trustee                                                                          Rep Member - WI

Trustee                                   Russell Carver      Rep Member – P/Council

Trustee                                   Richard Crabb       Rep Member - PCC


Trustee Responsibilities and Duties


Two useful documents that help explain the duties and responsibilities of the Trustees are the Charity Commission Booklet - The Essential Trustee and the DAVH Operating Procedures - Trustees Roles and Responmsibilities.  These are porvided for general guidance only and help to explain what is expected of a Trustee together with what support is avaialble.

At the commencement of appointment Trustees are required to read these documents together with the Trust Document itself and then sign a "....declaration of acceptance and of willingness to act in the trusts of this deed."