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Residents of the Duntisbournes will doubtless be keeping well up to speed regarding the latest developments concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as the latest guidance with regard what we should be all doing to play our full part in defeating this pandemic. Clearly, this continues to be a dynamic and quickly changing situation. Residents will of course wish to keep fully abreast of the latest developments and guidance from authoritative sources. The UK Government Coronavirus Webpage provides a strategic high level overview of the current position whilst the Public Health England Website provides further useful information relating to Covid-19 as well as other useful information promoting the maintenance of good health. The NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Webpage provides access to important additional medical information and advice concerning coronavirus whilst the Cotswold District Council Coronavirus Webpage gives useful local guidance on the provision of services, how they are currently affected and what help you can get.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Duntisbourne Support Group


Parish residents will be fully aware that in response to the current situation the Parish Council set up a volunteer ‘Duntisbourne Support Group’. A letter introducing the Support Group was written by the Chair of the Parish Council to provide details of the key personalities together with points of contact.  The letter informed residents that the email address had been specifically created to manage access to the Support Group.  A second supplementary support letter was written by the Support Group which usefully highlighted local services and support available to Parish residents.  A third letter was sent in January 2021.


Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District Council has been providing regular Covid-19 Briefings. These briefings have been aimed primarily at County and District Councillors as well as Parish Councils. The Briefs have however inevitably benefited from wider circulation in order to inform and educate the wider community relating to action being taken as well as impact on service provision. The first Cotswold District Council Covid-19 Briefing was produced in April, a further Brief followed in May with the last Brief seen being dated June. Additionally, a Cotswold District Council Business Support Update was produced in May.

Ermin Ward Councillor

As Ermin Ward Councillor, Julia Judd provided an initial E-Mail Covid-19 Report to the Duntisborne Support Group which helped to highlight a number of important issues of relevance and interest to parish constituents.  She subsequently provided a fuller District Councillor Covid-19 Report in May once greater clarity on numerous inter-related issues had been achieved.


Coronavirus Updates & Links (Most Recent First) 

Update 07 January 2021

Cotswold District Council has issued the following information for all residents.