Residents of the Duntisbournes will doubtless be keeping well up to speed regarding the latest developments concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as the latest guidance with regard what we should be all doing to play our full part in defeating this pandemic. Clearly, this is a dynamic and quickly changing situation. Residents will doubtless wish to keep fully abreast of the latest developments and guidance from authoritative sources – quick links to some of these can be found below - note: clicking on the logo will take you directly to the relevant web page:








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Cotswold District Council Covid-19 Briefing 05/06/2020


District Councillor Julia Judd Report 01/05/2020


Cotswold District Council Covid-19 Briefing 01/05/2020


Cotswold District Council Business Support Update 01/05/2020


Cotswold District Council Covid-19 Briefing 06/04/2020


Parish Update from CDC and Cllr J Judd April 2020


Email From Cllr J Judd 6 April 2020


Letter From Duntisbournes Support Group 26 March 2020



Gloucester Constabulary - Local Policing Team

There follows two recent notes from our local policing team - one concerning 'Support from Energy Suppliers - COVID-19' and the other concerning 'Information for Helping in the Current Environment'. Please note the communication concerning 'Support from Energy Suppliers' contains some corrupted formatting text - this largely appearing where the use of an apostrophe has been used - the meaning of the message still remains largely clear.