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Welcome by Rupert Lane - Chair of the Duntisbournes Parish Council


Welcome to ‘The Duntisbournes’ web site which has been created to provide a portal for the communication of important and useful information to members of the local community in and around The Duntisbournes. Additionally, this website seeks to promote good governance by ensuring openness and transparency with respect to the actions of those charged with acting on behalf of the community - specifically The Duntisbournes’ Parish Council and Trustees of the Duntisbourne Abbots Village Hall.

This community website is owned by The Duntisbournes’ Parish Council with contributions from a number of community support sources.

Any suggestions to help improve this website will be gratefully received.


Rupert Lane


The Duntisbournes’ Parish Council


IMPORTANT - Please note the email address listed below is no longer in use and should NOT be used - any communication to it will not be read.  Current contact deails can be found at our Feedback and Contact Us page.


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