Serving the needs of the Parish are seven Council Members, supported by a Clerk.

The Parish Council is the First Tier of Local Government and is committed to maintaining and improving local facilities for Residents.

Parish Boundary


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Duntisboune Abbots and Leer Conservation Area

A detailed map showing the 'Duntisbourne Abbots and Leer Conservation Area' can be found at the Cotswold District Council website by following this website link:

The Duntisbournes' Parish Council Members

Chairman:                RD Lane

Councillors:              WJ Eykyn

                                 E Cuthbert

                                 JR Edwards

                                 J Weston

                                 D Doyle

                                 RJ Bliss

Clerk to the Council: S Cavendish


Register of Members' Interests - Notice of Disclosure of Pecuniary and Other Interests:

For the Cotswolds District Council entry for The Duntisbournes' Parish Council (which includes contact details) follow the links below:

Powers and Duties

Further details concerning the "Powers and Duties of Parish and Town Councils" can be found at the Gloucestershire County Council website which can be accessed through the following links: