Parish Council

Serving the needs of the Parish are seven Council Members, supported by a Clerk.

The Parish Council is the First Tier of Local Government and is committed to maintaining and improving local facilities for Residents.


Parish Boundary


Ordnance Survey Map Showing Boundary of the Duntisbournes Parish

(c) Crown Copyright - Ordance Survey


Duntisboune Abbots and Leer Conservation Area


Duntisbourne Abbots and Duntisbourne Leer sit within a designated Conservation Area, the boundaries of which are marked on the Duntisbourne Abbots and Leer Conservation Area Map as provided by CDC. The Conservation Area itself also sits within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).


The Duntisbounes' Parish Council Members


Chairman:              Jane Edwards

Councillors:           M Lowe

                               A Beckett

                               J Weston

                                V Dyson

                               R Lane (vice-chair)

                               Samantha Scott-White

Clerk to the Council:     B Holder

County Councillor: Joe Harris

District Councillor: Julia Judd


Register of Members’ Interests - Notice of Disclosure of Pecuniary and Other Interests


The Register of Members Interests with respect to each individual Parish Councillor is formally recorded by declaration to Cotswold District Council and are held available for public scrutiny through the CDC Website.


Contact Details


Contact Details for the Duntisbournes Parish Council are given on the Cotswold District Council Website and include currently recorded postal address, telephone number and email address. Additionally, Duntisbournes Parish Council Contact Details are listed by the Gloucestershire Association of Parish & Town Councils (GAPTC).

Powers and Duties

The GAPTC provides a useful introduction to the Roles and Powers of Councils which usefully highlights the basis and framework within which a Parish Council operates.


Further useful detail on the Functions and Responsibilities of Councils is provided by Gloucestershire County Council – their guidance expands on the respective functions and responsibilities of County, District and Parish Councils.