Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday, 1st November 2022

The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 1st November in the Evangelical Hall, at 7.30pm



Chairman Siddall


Councillors: A. Philpott, V. Hare, J. Hughes, T. Gritton                                                    Parishioners: 2


523. Apologies for Absence: apologies were received from Councillors Lawrence and Venton


524. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None were declared


525. Minutes 04/10/2022

          RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council and the Annual Parish Council meeting held

         on 4th October 2022 be approved and confirmed.


526.  a) Planning applications

         b) Planning decisions

         There were no decisions or new planning applications.



527.    TCWG & Speed watch

The speedwatch team were in again, but unfortunately the speed gun broke and the replacement needs calibrating. Meetings are on hold until this is done. The Trucam patrols are on hold at the moment due to a lack of officers to carry out this work.

RESOLVED The speedwatch team to continue once their gun is calibrated and MDC to advise when the Trucam patrols will start up again.


528. Common land

Councillor Venton has cleared more debris from the village green and filled another skip, as well as grassing the bare areas.

The work on the common has not yet been started.

Chairman Siddall has found out about the free tree planting, this will be assessed in January 2023 to see where the trees can be planted.

Dean James has been planting bulbs.

The new play equipment is due to be installed this week.

Resin has now been laid in front of the war memorial.

The £800 from the landscape committee has ben received by cheque and will be paid into the council’s bank account by the Clerk.

The new dog bin has been installed and is being used daily.

RESOLVED The Clerk to pay in the £800


529. Remembrance Sunday

The Tommy from outside the church has been collected, but in a poor condition so will be put away for the winter after Remembrance Day. Chairman Siddall is collecting for the Poppy Appeal this year. A service of Remembrance will be held at the war memorial on Sunday, 13th November at 11 am.

RESOLVED Chairman Siddall to put the metal and Perspex Tommy by the Church.







530. Invoices presented for payment

LT Evangelical Church    hire of hall                                £15.00

Morley skips                   skip hire                                        £318.00

Morley skips                   skip hire – 2nd                              £318.00

MDC                                Trucam July – September               £247.99

MDC                                dog waste bin maint.                      £56.57

Skippers                          grass cutting Aug – Oct                  £306.00

R. Siddall                        purchase of bulbs                          £160.00           


531. Correspondence

Councillor Durham had sent an email detailing the last month at MDC, points of which The Clerk read out.

The Clerk had emailed all other correspondence to the councillors.


532. Update from District Councillor

The B1022 at the top of Loamy Hill Road is still scheduled to be sorted out this financial year. Braxted Park Road and Loamy Hill Road are also in very poor condition, these have been reported by Councillor Siddall to Lee Scott and Councillor Siddall suggested a temporary 40 mph speed limit until they can be repaired.

There will be a meeting shortly with ECC to discuss what can be done about Appleford Bridge – which keeps getting hit and also causes long traffic jams. Councillor Siddall has written to MP Priti Patel for her support.

The next phase of Heybridge Garden Village was discussed at MDC with concerns raised over the 3 storey block of flats proposed near the road.

From the 24th November there will be free parking in Maldon each Thursday afternoon until Christmas.

LDP, there will be a meeting this week, there are issues around land at Wykes Hill which has delayed this development.





There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.15pm





                                                                            Signed by the Chairman




Common land