Agenda - Tuesday 6th February 2024



Chairman: Councillor Mr. N Lawrence                                       Clerk: Mrs. M. Gardiner


Dear Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the meeting of the Parish Council which will be held on Tuesday 6th February 2024 in the Evangelical Church Hall, at 7.30 p.m.


Public and press are welcome to attend.





1. Apologies for absence

2. To invite the Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda

3. To resolve that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting, held on 9th January 2024 are a correct record


4. Update for parish newsletter


5. Finance and banking arrangements


6. a) Planning applications:

     b) Decisions received from MDC:


7. Common land


8.   Local Authority Treescape project and potential follow-on projects


9. Christmas tree


10.   Play equipment repairs and parish maintenance


11. TCWG & speed watch


12. Invoices presented for payment


13. Correspondence


14. Update from District Councillor


15. Public questions



Items for next month’s agenda – Tuesday 5th March





                                                                                                                   Michelle Gardiner, Parish Clerk