Minutes of meeting, Tuesday 6th June 2023


Little Totham Parish Council


Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday, 6th June 2023


The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 6th June in the Evangelical Hall, at 7.30 pm.




Vice Chairman N. Lawrence


Councillors: V. Hare, A. Philpott, T. Gritton, J. Hughes                                                 Parishioners: 3


23.25 Apologies for Absence: Chairman Siddall and Councillor Venton sent apologies


23.26 To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. None were declared



23.27 Minutes 09/05/2023

         RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th May 2023 be approved and



23.28 a) Planning applications

           There were no new applications

         b) Planning decisions

         23/00339/FUL Retention of static mobile home for occupation as a residential annexe, ancillary to the dwelling

         at Hatching Tan. Land at Hatching Tan, Office Lane.

         MDC approved this application on the condition that the accommodation should not be occupied as a person’s

         Sole or main place of residence.


         HOUSE/MAL/23 Proposed first floor side extension, Holly Cottage, The Street

         MDC approved this application



23.29   New Clerk Introduction and briefing

             Michelle Gardiner was introduced as the new Clerk. The Councillors then introduced themselves and

             gave a briefing of their responsibilities.

             RESOLVED The outgoing Clerk to start forwarding emails to Michelle and meet with her to transfer



23.30   Common land

           The car show went well, the grass was cut and the cuttings removed by Skippers prior to the event. On the

           Large common the area is coming good and the trees are getting established.

           RESOLVED ongoing


23.31 TCWG & Speed watch

           6 drivers were caught speeding on the Tru Cam patrols in May.

          The speedwatch team went out again on the 18th May.                                

           RESOLVED The speedwatch team will continue. Councillors Lawrence and Venton to move

         the signs.








23.32 Invoices presented for payment


           LT Evangelical Church       hire of hall           £20.00    

         Rowena Collins                  1st qtr wages       £436.80

         HMRC                               income tax         £109.20

         Autela payroll services       payroll                 £37.29


23.33 Correspondence

         The Clerk had continued to email the Councillors with relevant emails.

         RESOLVED ongoing


23.34 Update from District Councillors

           Councillor Hughes informed the Parish Council that a full District Council meeting would be held on the

           8th June to elect a new Leader of the Council.



There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.13pm


After the meeting the Senior Minister of the Church Dennis Ivery; responsible for finance talked about the works being taken to improve the Church and Hall and install a new drainage system. The building is to be clad and has been rewired and a new floor and windows installed. There will also be a ramp with handrails to ease the access to the building.

He proposed a shared notice board between the Church and Parish Council, near the Memorial Garden.





                                                                           Signed by the Vice Chairman ……………………………………




Notice board

Roses on the village green