The Parish Council met on Tuesday, 6th October at 7.30 pm via Zoom.



Chairman: Councillor R. Siddall

Vice Chairman N. Lawrence


Councillors: S. Venton, T. Gritton, R. White, J. Hughes                  Also in attendance 4 parishioners


248. Apologies for Absence: Councillor Hare did not attend


249. To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda. No interests were expressed.


250. Minutes 01/09/2020

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council held on the 1st September 2020 be approved and confirmed.


251. a) Planning decisions received from Maldon District Council

         FUL/MAL/20/00601 Section 73A application for the refurbishment of a building and he change of use of

         associated land to residential (C3) The Bungalow, Green Lane.

         This was approved.

         b) Latest planning applications

         20/00910/FUL Demolition and rebuild outbuilding for use as an annexe for dependant relatives. Land

         Adjacent to Little Totham Hall, Church Lane.

         The Parish Council supports this application.

       c) Appeals

         19/00772/FUL Change of use from a veterinary building to a two bedroom residential dwelling (Class C3)

         for an assistant manager of the associated greyhound business.

       The Parish Council supported the planning application and has no further comment to make.


252. Essex Forest Initiative

Chairman Siddall suggested a further woodland area could be created on the Plains. This was supported by the other


RESOLVED Councillor Venton to fill in the application form for funding.


253. Memorial plaque update and fencing around the War Memorial

Councillor Lawrence is still chasing prices for the plaque and would seek other quotes if this was not forthcoming shortly. Chairman Siddall suggested graveling the area and putting large pots on it instead of fencing. The other Councillors did not agree, so Chairman Siddall will now get exact costings for the metal fencing.

A Remembrance Service will be held at the memorial in November, organised by the Parish Council and the Church.

The Rule of 6 will be observed and socially distancing.

RESOLVED Councillor Lawrence to report on the plaque. Chairman Siddall to report on the metal fencing.


254. Playground repairs update

RESOLVED No movement, to be shelved for the present.


255. Traffic issues update

Councillor Gritton and Councillor Lawrence had distributed details of different types of speed camera. The options were discussed in detail. The mobile camera was the option most favoured, with it initially to be placed where the shared camera was situated. There is already an application in with the Highways Dept. which has been with them for a very long time and no answer has been received. It was then discussed if forming a Community Group would raise the profile of the problem.

RESOLVED Councillors Lawrence and Gritton to contact Lisa at Highways and Councillor Durham to get their views on the mobile camera. Once the exact costings are known Councillor Lawrence to contact the businesses on Beckingham Business Park and the Commodity Centre to see how much they will help with funding the cost of the camera. Councillors Lawrence and Gritton to set up a Community Group.


256. Litter picking 26th September review

Councillor Hughes reported that initially it did not seem there was much litter, but she then collected 3 bags full.

In the end 12 – 13 bags were collected. Councillor Venton cleaned up the pond and removed various items from it.

He also cut back the trees and put stump killer on them where necessary. The brambles need to be cut back and a wildlife area created, and spring bulbs planted. A resident advised that if McDonalds rubbish is found with a receipt in it (which is less than a week old) this can be sent to McDonalds and they will prosecute the litterer.

RESOLVED Another litter pick to be done in March/April 2021 and September. Chairman Siddall and Dean James to plant the bulbs in the cleared flowerbeds.


257. Clerk’s financial report

The Clerk presented the estimated costs for the first half of the year and compared them with the actual costs. The estimated costs were £6,570 and the actual were £,300. The difference arises from not having to pay for hall hire for the monthly meetings, playground repairs and work on the memorial not yet carried out; less paid for EALC courses.

RESOLVED The Clerk to continue to monitor the outgoings and report again in 3 months’ time.


258. Invoices presented for payment


R. Siddall            £55.80             plant bulbs


259. Correspondence

The Clerk had received an email from the Enforcements Office, stating they could not identify where “Smart Forwarding” is situated.

The Enforcements office was contacted regarding the container and mobile home situated in Park Wood Lane.

RESOLVED  The Enforcements office was given more information regarding “Smart Forwarding”. The Clerk to continue to email all correspondence while the meetings are held online.


260. Update from the District Councillor

A feasibility study is being carried out by MDC at 5 Corners in Great Totham, which is an accident blackspot. When the results of this are released if may help with getting traffic calming measures for Little Totham.

From November MDC will hold virtual meetings with public participants. A form will need to be completed and, if approved, the member of the public can make comments at the meeting.

A proposal has been made for a 1-way system in Maldon High Street. There would also be a ban on cars in the High Street.

The Local Government review has been postponed indefinitely.

The Joint Standards Committee agreed to sanctions to ban the ex- Leader of MDC from Council committee meetings for 1 year, which was subsequently approved by full council at MDC.


Chairman Siddall then thanked the Parish Councillors for working so well together over the past year.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 p.m.




Signed by the Chairman ………………………