Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 7th May 2024

Little Totham Parish Council


Minutes of Meeting, Tuesday 7th May 2024


The Parish Council met on Tuesday 7th May in the Evangelical Hall, immediately following the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.




Chairman  N. Lawrence


Councillors: V. Hare, J. King and S. Venton                                                                                Parishioners: 3


24.59  Apologies for Absence:  Councillors T. Gritton, J. Hughes and A. Philpott sent their apologies.

Due to ongoing health issues, Councillors all agreed that Councillor Philpott can take an approved leave of absence from Parish Council duties.  This will be reviewed after six months.


24.60  To invite Councillors to declare an interest in matters on the Agenda

None were declared.


24.61  Minutes 09/04/24

RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th April 2024 be approved and confirmed.


24.62  Update for parish newsletter

There is an earlier deadline for the newsletter this month so the Clerk will write the update paragraph to ensure that it gets completed in time.

RESOLVED The Clerk to write and submit update for newsletter.


24.63  Clerk’s report

The precept of £9055 for 2024/25 has been received from Maldon District Council.


In response to our request, Skippers have sent an email outlining the schedule of timings for cuts for 2024/25.


Banking options are still being investigated by the Clerk.  A meeting was arranged with Santander to discuss opening a new account but they offer community accounts with one signatory only which is not in accordance with the standing orders of the Parish Council.  Metro Bank will be approached next.


Parish Council insurance is due for renewal on 1st June 2024.  The quote received is for £625.54, an increase from last year’s premium of £533.  The Clerk will contact insurers to see if any reduction can be negotiated.


A request has been received from Lorna Key for use of common land for the car show on 25th May and the fete on 13th July.  Councillors approved the request.


All Councillors need to update the Register of Interests with Maldon District Council.  The Clerk will circulate the link so that all can complete it electronically.


24.64  Common land

Councillor Lawrence reported that the common is still being used by unknown people to play golf with the balls being left as potential hazards.  The Clerk will report to the Essex Police Rural Engagement Team.

There has been no progress with obtaining quotes for land transfer, so this will be held over until next meeting.

RESOLVED Councillors Lawrence and Hughes to get quotes for cost of full land registration and transfer.


24.65  a) Planning applications

No new applications.


  1. b) Planning decisions

HOUSE/MAL/24/00153 Two storey side extension at Holly Cottage, The Street – approved.

FUL/MAL/23/01015 Replacement stables and tack store at land east of New Farm, Beckingham Street – refused because the site is located outside of the defined settlement boundary.


24.66  Play equipment repairs

The possibility of cutting off the damaged pieces of the existing timber was discussed as an alternative to replacing them completely.  Councillor Venton will explore this option and continue looking for more quotes.


24.67  Tru Cam report

The latest report received was for March 2024, when there were six people caught speeding.  The contract for 2024/25 has been renewed.


24.68  Annual Parish Meeting – Friday 17th May 2024

The Clerk tabled a draft version of the agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting.  Lorna Key or Bob Fuller will attend to provide an update for All Saints Church, David Brewer for the Evangelical Church and Richard Siddall will report on District Council matters.

RESOLVED The Clerk will send the Chairman the minutes of the last meeting held in 2022 to help with his preparation.


24.69  Village spring clean

Councillor Hughes was not present to discuss this item.

RESOLVED The Clerk to agree a date with Councillors Hughes and Hare to then be promoted in the parish newsletter.


24.70  Invoices presented for payment


Skippers                                   Cutting Feb-Apr                                        £594

  1. Gardiner Clerk’s salary Apr £180.33

HMRC                                       Income tax                                                 £45.00

LT Evangelical Church         Hire of hall                                                 £20.00


24.71  Correspondence

Some correspondence items had been discussed earlier in the meeting and the Clerk had forwarded all other correspondence to councillors.


24.72  Update from District Councillor

No update as Councillor Hughes was not present.


24.73  Public questions

No questions from the public.



There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.25pm







                                                                                    Signed by the Chairman…………..…………………………




Village spring clean